Dilemma of Automotive Vertical Integration

It is a rule-of-thumb that manufacturers should vertically integrate only when products and markets mature, so they can confidently shave off the last pennies of cost.  One exception is when shortages loom: Tesla built its battery gigafactory fast using proven Panasonic technology. However, many suppliers now build battery gigafactories. The boom in electric vehicles land, water and air has put the battery and traction motor businesses back to rapid change so Tesla now sources many batteries, its Panasonic bond is weakening ...

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Give Your Sweetheart the Chance to Drive A Chieftain Tank On February 14

As Valentine Day approaches, leading driving experience provider www.trackdays.co.uk is reporting that Brits are in ‘love’ with tank driving experiences following a rapid increase in bookings over the last few months. Its latest data shows an explosion – more than 50 per cent increase – in bookings for tank related experiences in the second half of the year in 2018 ...

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Planned Auto Policy Review; Dilemma for Investors, Recipe for Policy Instability

OLAWALE JIMOH In a country with deepening dearth of manufacturing plants and a market far-flung from her realization of an industrialized economy, it is pertinent that we have strong economic blueprints and policy statements that are geared towards changing the current phase of our economy from import-oriented to a self-sustaining manufacturing economy. To realize this, the government must eschew policy ...

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Electric Vehicles: Induction Motor Comeback?

The new IDTechEx Research report, “Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029” measures how induction (asynchronous) motors are rapidly losing market share. They used to power 50% of electric buses and all forklifts and the Tesla S even gave them credibility beyond the large-reliable-affordable category. Their deficit in size, efficiency and performance against permanent magnet motors was narrowing.   Five years ago all ...

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Peugeot 3008 is Most Produced Car in France

PEUGEOT 3008 was the most produced car in France in 2018, having been manufactured in 258,460 units. Produced at the PSA Group’s Sochaux plant, the SUV has carried “Origine France Garantie” certification since launch in October 2016.  The PEUGEOT 3008 ranks as the most produced car in France. It was produced in 258,460 units in France in 2018, ahead of ...

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Review: How Adventurous is All-new KIA Telluride?

It is large. It is bold. Designed at KIA’s design studio in Californa and assembled in Georgia, the midsize Kia Telluride SUV is all about big skies, desert roads, mountain passes, shady forests, smooth highways and long coastal drives. But the maker claims this particular SUV is made for adventure? How true is that? TILDA FRANCES  finds out.. Said to seat ...

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Nigeria’s NAIDP Bill: Investors’ Confidence Remains High

MESHACK IDEHEN Stakeholders and investors’ confidence in the Nigerian automotive sector remains high, despite the interval in the passage of The National Automotive Industry Development Programme (NAIDP) Bill currently awaiting presidential assent. This affirmation is coming following renewed commitment of global automotive companies and countries interested in entering into and investing in the automotive industry in Nigeria. It would be ...

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