What Can We Do with Retired Electric Vehicle Batteries?

DR NA JIAO Batteries are the most expensive component of an electric car. Upon retirement, the electric vehicle batteries could still retain 70-80% of their initial capacity. Recycling the retired batteries is still at a cost today and entails extra energy and potential pollution. In the meanwhile, more and more companies are exploring how to extract value by repurposing a ...

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Why Original Toyota Parts and Service Are Superior

Did you know? Toyota Motor Corporation spent a total of $9 billion during just one financial year (2017/18) on Research and Development including component technology. This obsession with technological advancement with the sole aim of enhancing safety, quality, durability, and reliability is just as engrained in the brand’s local DNA. It’s for this reason that Toyota South Africa is wholly ...

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Genoa Bridge Collapse and Lessons for Nigeria

PROFESSOR DANLADI MATAWAL I listened this week, over and over, to the news of the collapsed bridge in Genoa, Italy and wondered if there are any lessons for Nigeria and cognate Nigerian Engineers and Policy makers. The collapsed Italian bridge is government owned but privately operated and is a Cable bridge. That is lesson number One because the concessioning, from ...

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Technologies that Make All-new Ford Escape Ideal Suburban SUV for Nigeria

Recently launched by Coscharis Motors, the exclusive distributor of Ford vehicles in Nigeria, the all-new Ford Escape delivers bold styling, unmatched capability, and refinement in the mid-size SUV segment. Ford engineers have also packed the Escape with modern connectivity and driver-assist features that make every drive easier, safer and more efficient. “We are very excited that the new Escape has joined ...

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The All-New BMW 3 Series Sedan: Test and Trial at the “Green Hell”

The next generation of the BMW 3 Series Sedan just completed the crucial final stages of suspension and chassis development prior to the start of production. There was only one possible location for full driving dynamics testing and set-up runs: the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife. For over 35 years, test runs at the “Green Hell” have traditionally served as an important ...

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How to Make a Rally Car Fly!

…The Full Story behind the Epic Skydriver Viral Video …What Really Happened When the Flying Fiesta Returned To Earth Awards, beers, eBay, clones, drones plus a crash landing – the full story and secrets behind the jaw-dropping #Skydriver viral video have been revealed in a short follow-up film released on Tuesday. What started life as some bar-room bravado banter ended ...

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Interview: “New Supra will be Toyota’s last present to those who enjoy the sound of pure petrol engine”” –Chief Engineer, Tetsuya Tada

The first Supra model was produced in 1978, and 40 years later the hotly anticipated, all-new fifth-generation model has been revealed in prototype form. It’s been experienced dynamically at the famous Goodwood Festival of Speed hill course and showcased statically at a special invite-only event for Supra enthusiasts. At all times, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has proudly accompanied his ‘new ...

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