Boost to the Electric Vehicle Motor Business; Future Analysed

Electric vehicles by land, water and air are rapidly arriving and rapidly being misunderstood. For example, the battery cost will be overtaken by the other electricity management from the solar bodywork on your Tesla pick-up truck, its motors, power electronics.  Motors last forever? No. We now push motors so hard they wear out, increasing sales. For example, Tesla Model S owner Hansjörg Eberhard von Gemmingen ...

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Qashqai N-Tec Edition Captures Best of Nissan Design and Technologies

Nissan’s new QASHQAI N-TEC edition combines enhanced design details with Nissan’s advanced ProPILOT driver assist, Intelligent Parking Assist automated parking feature and NissanConnect infotainment system to meet both the aesthetic and technological needs of crossover customers. QASHQAI N-TEC has a striking new look thanks to all-black 19-inch alloy wheels and details including darkened headlamps, darkened front grille treatment and glossy ...

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Safest Automobiles of 2019

MATILDA FRANCES Revolution in the automotive industry reached a crescendo in the year 2019. The year when electric vehicles became a reality and captured the future it was. Despite the development, safety was kept at the front burner by most auto makers around the world, led by the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Mazda and surprising enough, Tesla. ...

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Nigeria’s Ghost Automotive Industry, Aiders and Abetters

FEMI OWOEYE Nigeria’s automotive industry has been on a life support. As it gasps for breath, a parallel industry made up of unlicensed operators are bouncing with life. The industry exists in a ghost form, yet very active. Contrary to the provisions of the nation’s auto policy, operators of the said ghost auto industry run outside approval of the National ...

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Forecast: Electric Trucks 2020-2030

Along with the rest of the automotive sector, the medium and heavy-duty truck market is evolving. Governments around the world, recognising the potentially catastrophic repercussions of unfettered climate change and witnessing the detrimental impact on human health from vehicle exhaust pollutant emissions in urban environments, are taking decisive action, that will, in the coming decades, drive vehicle manufacturers to zero ...

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Robot Shuttles: Major New Form of Transportation

IDTechEx has issued the first in-depth report on this called, “Robot Shuttles and Autonomous Buses 2020-2040“. Robot shuttles are an important new, reconfigurable form of transportation for goods and people that may even function as mobile offices, workshops, restaurants and more.  It finds that the heart of the subject is upright, boxy, 8-20 person vehicles that are symmetrical like a small train so they never do ...

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Electric Vehicles: A Look Back at 2019

Few of the giant car makers have shown urgency in transitioning away from the internal combustion engine. What’s more, the automotive market is set to decline once again in 2019 whilst electrifying newcomers made huge gains in front of sleeping incumbents’ noses.  Although a large fraction of this is orders (not deliveries), if OEMs do not wake up now, they never will. Fuel cells are losing the battle in most mobility segments It is clear to IDTechEx that fuel cells have few opportunities in light and medium-duty ...

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HONDA HR-V Painting the Town Red

The Honda Place – Stallion Group, kicked off its  Mega road show on the 16th of December.  The activation is first of its kind in Lagos, where a convoy of Honda SUVs were painting the town red with its season’s best promotional offer and engaging with the fellow roadsters for a test drive. The Road show started with a bang to ...

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How Close Are We to Autonomous Cars?

In the past decade, progress continues in the development and deployment of autonomous driving technologies, as we see market leaders like Google’s Waymo have achieved the milestones in on-road testing of their self-driving fleets, and companies like Tesla announced ambitious plans to commercialise robotaxi services in geo-fenced areas by 2020.  Meanwhile, we have also seen GM delaying its plan to launch robotaxi services by the end of 2019 as it is ...

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