Safety Tips

Critical Tyre Maintenance Tips

Did you know that at 60km/h, the sole contact between the road and your car is a small patch on your tyres about the size of your palm? As the only part of your car that physically touches the ground, it’s imperative your tyres are properly maintained. Derek Kirkby, Training Director at Ford’s Driving Skills for Life (DSFL), a programme ...

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Wet season Motoring: How to Drive Safely in the Rain (Part one)

In sub-Sahara Africa, arrival of the rain is usually a thing of joy. The rain clears and cools down dusty and sticky weather. Motorists, whose cars have no air-conditioner, once again, drive and enjoy some cool breeze on wheel. However, it is also a period, when motorists face challenges from flooded road and carelessness and recklessness of fellow road users. ...

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Tips to Keep Children Safe on Wheel

A properly installed car seat can help reduce injury and prevent death in the case of a crash. But according to Mike Goss, General Manager, Toyota Social Innovation, three out of four car seats are incorrectly installed, a reason why Toyota is working with, Children’s Health, a leading pediatric health care system in North Texas, United States, to bring  national ...

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