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Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Cars

The term “used car” has been replaced with the phrase “pre-owned” to remove much of the stigma associated with used vehicles. Certified pre-owned cars are a popular choice for those who want to minimize the risk that comes with buying a previously owned vehicle.

However, most used vehicles are not certified. What are certified pre-owned vehicles? And what are the benefits of buying them?

What Is Certified Pre-Owned?

Certified pre-owned vehicles have gone through quality checks by the retailer or manufacturer. This removes the potential fear of buying a lemon or problematic vehicle from the dealer. Certified pre-owned cars may come with a warranty or service agreement to further alleviate buyers’ concerns. On the other hand, you will pay more for that peace of mind.

Benefits of buying a certified pre-owned car?

You Don’t Have to Take the Car to a Mechanic to Know That It Is Safe : One point in favor of pre-owned vehicles is that you don’t have to arrange to take the car to a mechanic before you buy it. The used car dealership has already inspected it, and they’ve probably fixed everything of note. Or they put it on the lot without listing it as certified.

If you want to buy a used car that’s in great shape, we’d recommend going to a dealership with a large selection of certified pre-owned cars.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Hit with Big Repair Bills: Certified pre-owned cars often come with additional paperwork to prove that the vehicle is in good shape. This can include a free vehicle history report and/or a copy of the inspection report. This ensures that you don’t buy a car that has a rolled-back odometer or a salvaged vehicle. However, vehicle history reports don’t tell you everything.

For example, it won’t tell you whether the prior owner changed the oil regularly or had a fender bender they repaired themselves. This is why an inspection is warranted for every used car. The benefit of pre-owned certified cars is that someone else has already done that for you.

The dealership is much more likely to back their certification with a warranty or other guarantee. Depending on the dealer, they might buy it back if it turns out that the car was flooded or develops major electrical problems.

The Car Is a Great Deal

One of the benefits of buying a used car is that someone else has paid the depreciation on the vehicle. This is why you’ll pay a lot less for a used car than a new one. This makes a two- to four-year-old car in good shape a far better deal than a new car.

A used car that is in excellent condition could run for another ten years, and you won’t face major repair bills for years unless you’re in a major accident. Late-model low mileage vehicles fall in this category, and so do most certified pre-owned vehicles.

However, you need to go to a reputable dealer to make sure you’re getting a quality car. Unscrupulous dealers will slap a certified label on the vehicle and charge you a premium for it.

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