Weststar Breaks Into Nigeria’s Light-Duty Truck Segment With Mercedes-Benz Accelo

Nigerian commercial truck users can now order for the Mercedes-Benz Accelo truck in various applications depending on specific needs, Weststar Associates Limited – Authorized General Distributor for Mercedes-Benz in the Federal Republic of Nigeria has announced.

Mercedes-Benz Accelo

In a statement released on Monday, the company said its decision to roll the premium truck into the nation’s light-duty commercial vehicle truck market is in line with the ever increasing pressure on businesses to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and grow revenues.

“Following its successful launch in 2017,” it states, “the Mercedes-Benz Accelo has carved its niche in the light-duty commercial vehicle truck segment in Nigeria.”

According to Mr. Umoh Ekanem, Sales Manager, Commercial Vehicles, Weststar Associates Limited, Mercedes-Benz introduced the ‘light-duty truck’ range to deliver unmatched versatility, reliability and efficiency for business owners and fleet managers in a variety of industries.

“Based on a solid design,” Ekanem explained, “the Mercedes-Benz Accelo allows the fitment of several superstructures made to act on the large array of urban transport applications, such as: aluminum standard box body, water tanker, tippers, refrigerated truck body, dry cargo, rescue truck and more.”

Designed to deliver maximum productivity, exceptional driving comfort and the highest standards of safety, the Accelo offers exceptional power and agility. Providing the proven and unmatched Mercedes-Benz quality standards, the robust truck is the perfect partner for transportation needs of all businesses. Its ruggedness, drive comfort, payload and maneuverability are unique features setting the Accelo apart from other commercial vehicles in its segment, thus making it a perfect cost-effective tool for demanding fleets in the private and public sector.

The Accelois fitted with a strong powertrain that ensures premium performance with strength, durability and Mercedes-Benz recognized reliability–comes equipped with a Mercedes-Benz 150 hp four-cylinder engine and boasts a payload of more than five tonnes. The Accelo cab has a modern design and ensures the highest level of occupant safety, excellent visibility and an ergonomic interior with the capacity to accommodate a driver and two passengers making the drive more comfortable while increasing driver productivity and alertness – disc brakes in the front and rear also enable fast, accurate response in everyday urban traffic.

Mr. Mirko Plath, Managing Director & CEO of Weststar Associates Limited, who also commented on the successful introduction of the Accelo in Nigeria stated that the various requests from customers seeking light-duty trucks under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella stimulated discussions with the manufacturer to explore options within this commercial vehicle segment.

In his words, “whether long-haul, construction site, or distribution transportation, the Mercedes-Benz brand offers the right solution for the light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty truck segments. The Mercedes-Benz brand is indeed a synonym for top-class product and service quality, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and sustainability, as summed up by the slogan ‘Trucks you can trust’”.

The Accelo,Plath  added, is available for immediate delivery through Weststar with quality aftersales support synonymous worldwide with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

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