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We are Here to Revolutionize the Insurance Industry, says Christian Wiesner, Co-founder/Managing Director, TOPCHECK Insurance

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hristian Wiesner, young and  thoroughbred German, is vast in various areas of car insurance via the internet. He is the co-founder and Managing Director of Lagos-based TopCheck Internet Services Limited, owners of Topcheck Insurance platform. In a chat with Motoring World’s Senior Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER, during the recently concluded Automedics AutoFest event held at Lagos Television, he spoke about why his company came to Nigeria, how Topcheck Insurance platform makes credible car insurance policies available to  Nigerian motoring public and fleet operators and lots more…

Christian Wiesner, Co-founder/Managing Director, TOPCHECK Insurance
Christian Wiesner, Co-founder/Managing Director, TOPCHECK Insurance


Motoring World: Your organization is into online insurance. Please throw some light on what it is all about?

Wiesner: We are into car insurance. What we do is to connect Nigerians to leading and credible Nigerian car insurers through the internet, where they can compare different car insurance policies from the comfort of their homes.

When Nigerians are looking for new policies, they can visit our site and see different car policies that they want. The policies can also be accessed through mobile phones.

Motoring World: What motivated your idea of offering this sort of service to Nigerian motoring public?

Wiesner: We are here, because of all the bureaucracies and lack of transparency and painful experiences that insurance buyers pass through whenever they need to buy insurances.

We understand that for an insurance buyer to get the best deal from reputable insurers, best thing is to be able to compare dozens of companies in the market, which is why we work with the best insurance companies nationwide to provide the solution that best fits insurance customers’ needs.

In essence, we are here to revolutionize the Nigerian insurance industry by bringing innovation and transparency to customers.

Motoring World: If I buy a car and I want to insure it through your company, what do I do?

Wiesner: You visit our website. There is also a phone number you can call, and we will help you with whole process. Or simply go to our website and use our online calculator, very easy. When you come into the website, you type what kind of car insurance you want, and then you see different policies. You choose what you like the most and then fulfill the whole process online; including entering your vehicle information and then you can pay us through many different ways. We can collect cash from your home conveniently. Or you can make online transfer or pay cash at any Zenith Bank.

Motoring World: What happens if my car is involved in an accident and I need to make a claim; how do you compensate me?

Wiesner: We are not an insurance company. We are just a platform to get the best policies from reputable insurers, but we know there is no so much trust in insurance company in Nigeria. That is why we have on our platform only partners we know do pay claims to their clients. When our clients have claims, they can contact us and we guide them through getting response from insurance companies they are insured with. So many insurance companies want to be on our site, but we are very selective, because we do not want to risk our relationship with customers. So far, we have one hundred percent satisfaction to our customers.

Motoring World: Are you based in Nigeria?

Wiesner: Yes, we are. We are in Lekki, Lagos.

Motoring World: What was your experience like at the last Autofest event, where you exhibited?

Wiesner: From business perspective, it is very interesting to talk to people, car dealers, mechanics and others. It is very good for our website, we will get a lot feedback, which we will check to make user friendly.

Motoring World: What is your advice to the organizers of the fair for future event based on what you saw?

Wiesner: It will make sense to invite more companies in future fair to come and showcase their business here. Then they need to do something more on entertainment so that families can be here to enjoy themselves in the course of the fair.

Motoring World: Is there anything else you like to tell us about Topcheck?

Wiesner: We are here to change the way people buy insurances with an innovative online platform and simplified purchasing process. By simply logging on to our website, www.topcheck.com.ng, you can access different car insurance, check all top rates and compare motoring insurance quotes from the convenience of your home, office and even mobile phone. TopCheck is a modern insurance agent formed by a team of experienced Internet Entrepreneurs, who partnered with Colenson Brokers Nigeria Ltd on a mission to help every Nigerian using their money more wisely.





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