Volkswagen Delivers 336,000 Commercial Vehicles Globally

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles supplied 336,000 vehicles to customers from January to the end of August, an increase of 3.9 per cent compared to last year. In the domestic German market 88,500 vehicles were delivered to customers (+8.1 per cent).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

In Western Europe, still the strongest region, the brand recorded an increase of 5.3 per cent with deliveries of 230,800 vehicles from January to August. 88,500 vehicles were delivered to customers in the domestic German market (+8.1 per cent). Other countries such as Great Britain handed over 29,700 vehicles (+3.7 per cent), Spain 11,500 (16.7 per cent), Italy 8,400 (+8.7 per cent) and France 12,900 vehicles (-5.6 per cent).

In Eastern Europe Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles shipped 27,300 vehicles between January and August (+7.3 per cent). In South America (+12.6 per cent to 30,300), Africa (+28.7 per cent to 11,300 vehicles) and the Asia-Pacific region (+4.2 per cent to 17,600 vehicles) the number of units sold also went up.

Overview of worldwide deliveries between January and August by product line:

  • 138,800 vehicles from the T product line (135,600; +2.4 per cent)
  • 109,200 vehicles from the Caddy product line (108,800; +0.3 per cent)
  • 53,800 vehicles from the Amarok product line (50,600; +6.4 per cent)
  • 34,200 vehicles from the Crafter product line (28,300; +20.8 per cent)


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