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Stallion Group Awarded Bajaj Keke Distributorship in Nigeria

Nigerian tricycle market is heading for a game-changing storm, as the world’s dominant tricycle brand, Bajaj, aligns with Stallion group (Nigeria’s largest automobile company), for a revolutionary re-launch of tricycles and four-wheelers into the nation’s market.

Via its registered subsidiary now known as Stallion Auto Keke Limited, Stallion is out to regain for Bajaj a leadership position in the nation’s tricycle market, as well as introduce Bajaj Qute, a four-wheeler, for use as a Smart taxi across the country.

Speaking on the development recently in a media chat, Managing Director of Stallion Auto Keke limited, Manish Rohtagi, expressed optimism that the upcoming launch, would open doors for the brand’s repositioning in the country.

“Considering the shining profile of the Stallion conglomerate in Nigeria and that of Bajaj brand worldwide,” he explained, “we are embarking on a promising journey without a doubt. Look at it this way. For more than five decades, Stallion, via its quality operations in various sectors of the nation’s economy, has built a time-tested trust, so much that it is now a household name in the country, touching lives every day.”

“Similarly, Bajaj, a world leader,  does not only maintain presence in 70 countries around the world, its tricycle holds over 70% of the market share in countries like India, Argentina, Columbia and many others in Asia and Latin America. Neither is it an unknown brand in Nigeria. For instance, its tricycle is the most popular in the North central and part of the Eastern Nigeria, dominating the market by over 85%.

“Moreover, my engagement with customers and feedbacks received during my tour across the length and breadth of the country in the last two years  revealed Bajaj’s dominance in places like Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Sokoto, Kebbi, etc, where the tricycles are run along bad roads, which they manage to withstand. That is why in that part of the country, it is difficult to convince tricycle users to purchase any other brand, for they understand the ruggedness and the great performance of Bajaj.

“Therefore, my post-re-launch assignment is to consolidate the Northern market and effectively communicate with the users via the dealers in the Southern parts of the country.

“Going by the foregoing, therefore, you would agree that Stallion-Bajaj alliance happened at the right moment, a time when Nigeria as a nation, needs individuals and corporations that do not only believe in its prosperous future, but which have the capacity, integrity and will power to touch the lives of ordinary Nigerians economically, via local manufacturing, job creation and extension of the economic value chain for the benefit of the nation. That is what Stallion-Bajaj alliance is targeting for the country in no distant future.”

According to Rohtagi, Stallion Group’s major strength lies in its understanding of Nigerians as well informed people, who desire quality and value for money, which is why the line-up at the launch shall include a low-maintenance tricycle known as Bajaj RE, which, compared to the traditional tricycle, provides commuters with a safe, powerful, and economical mode of transportation as well as better performance and mileage, without sacrificing stability nor style.

Bajaj Qute

Also lined up for launch are the Maxima cargo and Bajaj Cute, which the company intends to popularize in the country as a smart taxi.

“Meanwhile, buyers of Bajaj’s quality offerings have no reason to worry, as they shall always be supported by Stallion’s traditional after-sales services and spare parts availability, which  have been the backbone of the  Group’s flagship brands like Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Changan, Ashok Leyland, KYC, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche.”

Also commenting on the upcoming launch, the GM, Marketing, Stallion Group, Ms Arpita Roy Luthra, revealed that her company is soon launching programmes that will focus on improving the livelihood of the KeKe Riders and mechanics through scholarship and technical training to their deserving children.

“Meanwhile,” she said, “although, in Nigeria, Bajaj Tricycle has demonstrated and proven its durability and ruggedness, the launch of ‘Stallion Bajaj Keke Rally’, involving non-stop ride of Bajaj tricycles through 5000 kilometers, cutting across 22 major towns, will further establish its clout.

“To be flagged off in Lagos with a funfair, ‘Stallion-Bajaj Keke Rally’ is set to make a statement that the machine can ride across 5000 kilometres and still remain strong, complementing the brand positioning of ’Runs Fast. Lasts Long’.”

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