Solution to Insecurity on Nigerian Roads

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Insecurity on Nigerian highways has reached an embarrassing state. It is so bad these days that many are afraid of making inter-state travel for fear of being robbed or kidnapped.Party politicians have unsurprisingly made most of it, playing blame game, and ethnic hatred.

However, more than opening talk shops, a permanent and effective solution is what the nation needs.
For a long term panacea, Nigerian government needs to introduce what I refer to as  ROAD RANGERS. If implemented, it is capable of rooting out highway criminals hiding behind the masks of herdsmen, etc.

ROAD RANGERS are neither police nor soldiers. But they do have power to stop, Search and arrest. They can even monitor activities of herdsmen and get information from them as to unusual activities in the area. After all they wonder around a particular area more than others. So they can actually assist the Rangers with vital information about unusual movements/activities..

The Road rangers should be equipped with powerful motorbikes so they could comb the bush and roads at speed.
The bikes should be equipped with communication equipment and medical kits in case of needs. They can also get to accidents quicker. As they will be patrolling the roads.

And at every two kilometres, there should be a ranger post equipped with solar power for powering equipment including satellite. The post must be manned 24 hours a day.

If implemented, crime on the highways would drop.

Reason: ROAD RANGERS PERSONNEL would not be recruited from already corrupted police or military. They must be university or polytechnic graduates. We know their job will be dangerous. So they need to be well paid as well as being armed.

Their training should be paramilitary and should be contracted to British SAS (special Armed Services).

They need to be trained to ride those bikes safely under rough terrain.

This type of organization is what the nation’s roads need. And it would be unique to Nigeria.

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