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Should I Sell my Problematic Landrover?


Hello Editor-in-chief of Motoring World,

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have a 2000 Landrover Freelander, which has been the most problematic car I’ve ever own. I wonder if it is the car or the mechanic.

It started with overheating and they told me to wash the radiator, which I did. After that it will not start after parking it for some time and sometime I got stranded. I was made to change fuel pump twice and ever since they changed it the second time, my fuel gauge stopped working.

Last month, another  mechanic diagnosed and asked me to change the injector, which I learn cost over N20,000. I am already thinking of selling off the car , because even if I change the injector, I don’t know what will be next.

I shall appreciate your professional advice in this regard. Thank you sir.

Yours sincerely,

Theophilus Azuru



Dear Theophilus,

Landrover Freelander 2000 model
Landrover Freelander 2000 model

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am glad you contacted us. Your Landrover is not problematic. From your explanations and similar complaints we have received, you have been going to wrong mechanics. What I believe is wrong with your car is simply matter of setting. Unfortunately your mail did not mention which part of Nigeria you reside. If you are by any chance in Lagos, we shall recommend a mechanic workshop, where it would be put right for you.  But I tell you this, if you don’t mind, your best place is Coscharis Landrover workshop. Coscharis is Nigeria’s franchise dealer for Jaguar-Landrover in Nigeria.

If you can get it to one of the company’s workshops, which are located across the country, your Freelander will be put right. If anything at all, your car’s fuel injector can be serviced, and it will serve again like new. We’ve received similar complaints regarding that particular brand of car, and all those who followed our advice are thankfully enjoying their car. Make sure the two fans are working. A diagnostic machine will be very handy.

For further advice, call: 07069742725


Mail: editor.motoringworldng@gmail.com


    • Dear Mr. Onomah,
      Thanks for your mail. Kindly do us a brief description of the nature of problem(s) you have been experiencing with your Freelander. Also let us know the model year and engine capacity. This will enable us to advise you rightly and link you up with the right mechanic or technician.
      Problem with Freelander in Nigeria today is that of mechanics, who are ignorant of its electronics.
      For quicker response, please send your mail directly to the editor via: editor.motoringworldng@gmail.com.
      Thank you.


      • Dear Mr. Onome,
        I use Landrover Freelander 2000 model. I had lots of troubles before I was introduced to two young mechanics and technicians based in Ibafo, Ogun State. They sorted it out and I’ve since been enjoying my car. You can call them on these numbers: 08066377324
        Merry Xmas.

        – Alice Johnson

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