Annual Death rate of Road Accident Victims May Soar to 1.9 Million…Unless


Despite massive global awareness about road traffic crash problem, population of peopel killed via road accidents may increase to 1.9 million annually by 2020.

The Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi gave the warning at the 2018 Nigerian Auto Journalists Association(NAJA) Training workshop held recently in Lagos, Nigeria.

Quoting the The World Health Organization (WHO) in  a paper on Road Traffic Trend in Nigeria, Oyeyemi, who was represented by Zonal Commander, Lagos and Ogun, John Meheux disclosed that presently about 1.25 people are killed annually due to road traffic injuries.

‘’Despite massive global awareness of road traffic crash problem,” Oyeyemi warned, “forecast show that the trend could soar to about 1.9 million by 2020 if nothing is done to reverse the current situation and if concerted efforts are made, it can reduce to about 500,000.’’

Zonal Commander, Lagos and Ogun, John Meheux,, representative of the FRSC Corps marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi, delivering a lecture at the 2018 NAJA Training Workshop held in Lagos recently

He said, ‘’ technological advancement in the automobile world has enhanced man’s mobility as well as posed serious concerns to human safety, ’adding that, ‘’ access to automobiles by unqualified persons has made the world’s road including that of Nigeria increasingly dangerous to travel on.’

‘’Though, it is observed that Europe and Northern America have better road traffic crash record than those of developing countries, Nigeria like other sub-Saharan Africa nation have been hard hit by RTCs, they are largely preventable along with effects all of which have stunted socio-economic development and degraded the environmental considerably.’’

He recalled that the trend of road traffic crashes in Nigeria from 1960-2017 shows that the economic boom of the 1970s especially during the Udoji era led to increase in population and motorization contributing to the peaking of road traffic crash to 40,881 within the period.

“With the establishment of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC)’ by the Federal Government’, he stressed,  “strategies were deployed which accelerated a decline of RTC FROM 25,792 in 1988 to 8,477 in 2010.

“The key success factors in the decline in RTC from 1988 to 2010 revolved around the 4E’s strategies application. They are Education, Enlightenment, Engineering and Enforcement. To further sustain the declining RTC trend in Nigeria, FRSC aligned with regional and global initiatives such as Accra Declaration of ‘2007-2015’ and the UN Debate of Action programme(2011-2020) the latter adopting the ‘’ safe systems approach’’ to advance global action to reducing road traffic crash fatality and injuries.’’

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