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Ride Easy Launches FD Foundation

…Supported by Boulos Enterprises


Cross section of guests and organizers at the launching of FD Foundation held last Friday at Boulos Enterprises Motorbike showroom, Ikeja, Lagos
Cross section of guests and organizers at the launching of FD Foundation held last Friday at Boulos Enterprises Motorbike showroom, Ikeja, Lagos

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ide Easy Training School, a Lagos-based motorbike riding training institution, has launched a foundation meant to reach out to underprivileged in the society and partner with others, who likes to contribute their widows mite to such course but do not know how to go about it.

The foundation, which was launched at Boulos Enterprises motorbike showroom in Ikeja Lagos attracted children, motorbike freaks, riders and members of the press.

Speaking at the launching, the president of FD Foundation and Ride Easy Training School, Ogbonaya FD Kanu described the programme as an avenue to teach kids excellence and make them the best in what they do.

On why his motorcycle training organization decided to go into Charity work, Kanu said although Ride Easy has motorcycling background his organization decided to exert positive influence in the community through people they come in contact with.

“If people know the right way to behave on motorcycle,” Kanu pointed out, “maybe we will not have such a bad image, hence the riding school. Boulos provides motorcycles, which is a very good synergy. When you come under proper tutorship, you imbibe proper value. So that’s the way one person at a time will begin to change the mentality of average biker and the society will begin to see us differently, not just as a ruffian or hooligan, but as philanthropists, as people, who are giving back to the society”.

According to him, the foundation’s name, FD, originated from an alias earned by his daughter, when she was still young.

“My daughter, who looks like me as a child, was called Fotodaddy”, he recalled, adding, “As a result, I had FD on my plate number and everybody started calling me Fotodaddy.”

He also recap how much support his organization has enjoyed from Boulos Enterprises Limited, Nigeria’s leading motorcycle and tricycle manufacturer, in whose showroom, the launching was held.

“Boulos has been our sponsor”, Kanu explained.” They understand what we are doing. They buy into it and make their facility and some other things available for the launching. They are supporting what the foundation is.”

Also speaking during the launching, Vice president of the Ride Easy Training School, Mr Segun Obagun reiterated that his organization believe in mentoring kids, teaching younger ones how to go after excellence, so that they can change the society”.

Riding Easy Limited, founder of FD Foundation, offers organized and intensive training regime in Lagos State of Nigeria, focusing on defensive riding skills, accident avoidance techniques, traffic rules and regulations.



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