Seme land border through which most used vehicles flood Nigeria squeezing lives out of the locally assembled vehicles

RE: Why Government Must Shut Land Borders

Dear editor,

Thanks for your piece, “Why Govt. must shut land borders” Ironically, not only the smugglers and ignorant in the society misconstrued the prohibition of vehicle imports through the land borders but even the media.

I’ve read a couple of editorials in some newspaper lately, including the SUN and Nation, and I was disappointed how the Fourth-Estate-of-the-Realm could muddled information and also be calling for a reversal of the policy.

Manny Phillipson

Manny Phillipson

Even the House of Reps is confused and have last week called on Buhari to reverse the policy, unknown to them that government can generate revenue by diverting such imports to the country’s sea ports and essentially develop the local assembly plants and invite more investments including OEMs to Nigeria. And there the real time jobs lies.

Manny Phillipson is Head Consultant at Media Advocate Ltd


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