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Quality Contest: Is Honda More Reliable Than Toyota?


They are both good cars, but as a person who has owned four Toyota products and three Honda products, I clearly give Toyota the edge.

This is going to sound a little weird, but Toyota products are more dependable because they don’t make drastic changes over time with their vehicles. Honda is more likely to take risks. For example, the Toyota engine technology has improved slowly over time, with enhancements from carburetor to fuel injection to direct injection. My old Camry Solara and my Corolla easily got near or surpassed 300,000 miles trouble-free when it came to the power train and the vehicles as a whole.

Honda, on the other hand, gave up its reliable, long-standing regular engines and jumped on the tiny engine with a turbocharger bandwagon, for some reason. Now, the tiny turbo technology in other brands that have had it longer (Ford) is starting to show problems (turbos spin fast and eventually wear themselves out).

Toyota seems to like watching everyone do it first, they study it, then come out with something that is better.

Honda is a good brand, but the last one I purchased was a 2016 Civic, I sold it within 3 months (because it had build problems that were widely publicized when that model first came out). Several months later, the Consumer Reports survey reflected some of the issues I had with it.

I love the look of the new Accord compared to the Camry, but I’m inclined to buy the Camry, because of their known reputation, to me.

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with either brand (they both give you active safety features as standard). But Toyota for me, in my experience, is better

GENETTE TYLERSON is a Former Automobile Transporter at Rental Company, based in the United States

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