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Peugeot Supports Meals on Wheels Extreme Ride for Hunger Cycle Tour

TODAY,  Sunday 04 March 2018, 20 cyclists will commence a grueling 1000-kilometre ‘Extreme Ride for Hunger’ cycle tour. The tour will start in the Northern Cape town of Kimberley at 05:00am and finish in Somerset West, Cape Town on 9 March at approximately 11:30.

The ‘Extreme Ride for Hunger’ cycle tour was established by Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa in 2015 to raise awareness and funds to feed the needy, the elderly, the children and under privileged people of the Northern Cape Communities. The Northern Cape has been identified as the largest provinces in South Africa with the highest unemployment rate.

It is a physically daunting challenge where the cyclists will test themselves to the limit whilst enjoying the stunning scenery as they cover 180 to 200km a day to complete the 1000km in just five days.

The first leg of the route will see cyclists will saddling up at first light and departing from the Horseshoe Inn Caltex fuelling station en-route to Britstown where they will pay a visit to the Gentle Care Frail Care Centre and drop off donations for the children with special needs and the elderly.

Cyclists will then make their way to Beaufort West and Oudtshoorn, where they will visit the Eden Oudtshoorn branch of meals on wheels with gifts for the community.

Another early morning start on day four will see the team cycling through the mountainous areas of the Western Cape towards Riversdale where, on their arrival they will be doing a special children’s outreach.

The second last leg of the tour will incorporate 195km of strenuous riding between Riversdale and the welcome retreat of Somerset West.

On the final day of the tour the team will gather at the Peugeot Dealer in Somerset West. A brand new Peugeot Partner will be handed over to the Ndzondi Meals on Wheels Centre before the cyclists depart for the Khayelitsha Mew Way Community Centre where the Ndzondi MOWCS team will be preparing over 1000 meals to hand out to the community with the help of the cyclists and staff.

Peugeot South Africa has teamed up with Meals on Wheels Community Services by providing two 2008 SUV’s to assist with a vehicle for the Care4You 911 Ambulance Service and support vehicle for the cyclists.

“It is a privilege to be in partnership with Meals on Wheels Community Services” said Francisco Gaie, MD of Peugeot Citroën South Africa. “Our relationship has been a long-standing, rewarding partnership, going back to 2009. During this time over 200 Peugeot’s have been provided to the organisation to help in providing meals and support to those less fortunate” he said.

“The sense of satisfaction in helping to feed so many hungry and disadvantaged people is extremely gratifying” Francisco added. Our association with the ‘Extreme Ride for Hunger’ cycle tour gives us another opportunity to support Meals on Wheels Community Services in a small way to make a difference in so many lives.

“Hunger is a serious issue in South Africa and needs urgent attention”.

“We urge the members of the communities to support the ‘Extreme Ride for Hunger’ cycle tour as they pass through the various areas en-route to Cape Town.” Francisco added.

Meals on Wheels serves the basic needs of the poorest of the poor, the vulnerable, disabled, elderly and children of our society.

“We are still faced with imbalances of the past” says Gershon Naidoo Programmes Director of Meals on Wheels Community Services SA. “Most previously disadvantaged groups do not have access to formal infrastructure and facilities. Rectifying these imbalances is a priority for us.”.

Meals on Wheels Community Services started in 1964 with one vehicle delivering only 16 meals a day. In just over 50 years, the organisation has grown into a nationwide association with over 280 Peugeot’s and Citroën vehicles and 210 kitchens feeding close to 2.4 million hungry South Africans each month. “We value our association with Peugeot South Africa as without wheels we would be unable to deliver meals to more than 15 million hungry South Africans each year.”


  1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I think this all boils down to being “offended by the ideas of the tax (to use your word, which I think it appropriate here). And that is perhaps where our views differ. I don”t see a reasonable or sustainable path forward with the idea that cyclists are rightful users of public infrastructure while at the same time refusing to pay any fees/taxes specific to that use. It may make people feel righteous, but it serves to only weaken the position of cyclists. Right to use comes with responsibility embracing that responsibility, such as through the payment of mostly symbolic tax, would nullify arguments against paying our fair share or whether cyclists even belong on the roads. It turns the roads into something paid for by drivers, to something paid for by drivers and cyclists. The necessity for this is silly, given that nearly all cyclists are also drivers, but the manner in which we have addressed transport issues has and continues to place people in boxes, ignoring that reality (e.g. arguing that roads should be for people, while ignoring that drivers are people too). We either need to change the way we approach these issues (abandon the cyclist vs. driver mentality so prevalent in our discourse) or play the game and pay the tax for a legitimate seat at the table. The latter is the easier and more convincing approach.


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