Nigerian Students Enforce sale of fuel at N145 per Litre

…Vow to Clamp Down on Stations Selling Above Official Pump Price

Following failure of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to stop illegality in sales of petrol across Nigeria, The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) on Tuesday took it upon themselves to stop impunity of those it described as criminally minded marketers, by visiting erring filling stations, compelling them to sell fuel at the official pump price of N145 per litre.

Nigerian Students at Rainoil, Asaba on Tuesday

What look like a revolution, started from Asaba, in Delta State of Nigeria, where the students led by their National President, Mr Chinonso Obasi, condemned the sale of fuel above the normal price.

It would be recalled that the students body, last week, set up a monitoring team on petrol pricing, distribution and sales.

The students’ leader noted that the students’ body was a major stakeholder in the price regulatory control and had at its council meeting, resolved that fuel must sell at N145 per litre.

He said the association would no longer allow Nigerians to be exploited by those he described as lawless and heartless fuel marketers, who, in the face of a harsh economy, are bent on making lives difficult for Nigerians.

Obasi said that the students had resolved to seal any filling station selling fuel above the normal price.

The filling stations visited on Tuesday include Rainoil, Ascon and Fynefield which were selling fuel at N160 and N220 respectively.

Three members of staff of Fynefield filling stations were arrested in connection with the over pricing and handed over to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

Meanwhile, Motoring World had in authority that the students’ clamping down on erring marketers would spread across the federation in matter of days and, unless the DPR begin to do their job, may resort in breakdown of law and order.


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