Lagos Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni(L) decorting one of the newly promoted police officers last Wednesday, 15th June, 2016(Photos: ROTIMI ASHER/Motoring World Intl.)

Nigeria Police Unveils Measures to Curb Corruption, Indiscipline


The Nigeria Police has put up new measures and strengthen existing ones to ensure bad eggs are weeded from the police.

The Lagos State Police Commissioner, Fatai Owoseni unraveled on Wednesday during decoration ceremony of newly promoted officers at the POWA, Hall, Oduduwa, GRA, Lagos, on Wednesday.


Cross section of newly promoted police officers at the occasion of their decoration ceremony held at POWA Hall, Oduduwa, GRA, Lagos, on Wednesday (Photos: ROTIMI ASHER/Motoring World Intl.)

According to him, the new measures include an improved welfare packaged, as approved by the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase.

He said the IG believes that even when you have the entire wherewithal in terms of logistic, the human elements that will be used to upgrade those logistic also need to be motivated.

“While he has resolved to ensure all forms of misconduct, extortion, bribery are stopped in the police,” he explained, “it is expected that when the morale of the personnel are boosted and motivated, that will also impart on their conduct.

” The IG has put up so many measures, prioritize housing for junior ranks, see to their promotion, institute scholarship and trust fund for their children and build affordable houses for them.”

The Police Commissioner also revealed that conduct response unit via which members of the public could report police misconducts has also been put in place.

He stated further: “Then we have strengthened all our Public Complaint Bureau and other disciplinary units.

“As we strengthened these units and put up measures to check abuses, they are also motivated on the other side. When you put all together, it is expected all these will come into fusion and we will be able to have a police that we can be proud of, police that member of the public will call their own and of course police that everybody will see to be transparent and accountable to the law of the land.”

A total number of about 10,042 officers were promoted after just two weeks of interview. Officers were promoted from constable to corporal and from corporal to sergeant.


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