New EBOOK Explains Auto Parts and Systems from A TO Z

A new auto parts guide promises to teach vehicle owners all they ever need to know about vital auto parts and automotive systems. Published by Olathe Toyota Parts Center, the guide is intended to be a resource for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

The book’s conversational tone and clear diagrams guide the reader through the inner workings of their vehicle. Free to download, the guide explains everything from the evolving complexities of alternators to the details of variable valve timing. While the guide is titled, “All You Ever Wanted To Know About Toyota Parts,” it’s meant to be a resource for all automotive brands.

“Owning and maintaining a car can be difficult, especially if you don’t understand the systems in the car and how they function. Whenever your vehicle needs a repair, it’s helpful to understand what may or may not be broken, how that part works within the system, and what’s involved in the repair,” says Tom Blackman, director at Olathe Toyota Parts Center. “Education is one of the keys to being a good consumer. If you understand how the parts on your vehicle work, you’re a lot less likely to buy repairs you don’t need, and a lot more likely to tackle easy repairs yourself.”

With 84 pages, the guide is an easy read that can help car owners learn how to handle some repairs on their own. The information in the guide can also help consumers better understand recommendations from an auto repair shop. For consumers that are already very knowledgeable, the guide offers some interesting tidbits about newer technologies.

Some of the topics covered in the guide:

  • Systems that commonly need repairs during a vehicle’s lifetime – alternators, brake system parts, camshaft position sensors, fuel filters and pumps, shocks, starters, and more
  • The intricacies of the modern engine, explaining what various terms mean, the metallurgy of pistons and bearings, and other complex topics
  • Advanced automotive technologies, like hybrid engines, variable valve lift and timing, and more

“While we put the word ‘Toyota’ in the title, we want our guide to be a resource for all consumers. Whether you’re a young car enthusiast eager to learn about cars, or a savvy consumer with a couple of questions about your vehicle, we think our guide is a good resource.” Blackman says. “Best of all, the guide is free. We worked with our own technicians, consulted with experts in the industry, and reviewed official Toyota repair documentation to create what we feel is one of the finest automotive repair resources available. And we’re giving it away!”

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