Rejoinder : NAJA’s 2016 Car-Of-The-Year Award Story

Our attention has been drawn to reactions from certain quarters to the story titled: 2016 Nigeria Car-of-the-Year, How the Winner Emerged, published by us on 5th December 2016, inferring that members of the Association were allegedly induced to vote for Peugeot 301 as 2016 Car of the year.

Peugeot 301, winner of NAJA’s 2016 Car of the Year Award

This frivolous story never emanated from Motoring World. Whoever has circulated the story has no bearing with us, as no line of the story we published suggested such.

Our story was about internal hullabaloo that surrounded the process of arriving at the winner of the award and reactions from stakeholders of the nation’s auto industry, which is normal and not peculiar to Nigerian Auto Journalists Association (NAJA).

The only difference is that NAJA happens to be one of the very few professional bodies around the world, whose member has the boldness to mirror such sensitive internal affairs to the public, a development that should rather attract respect for the association, not a thump-down.

We, therefore, hereby, reiterate that Motoring World investigations never unraveled any financial inducement on the part of NAJA members towards arriving at the winner of the award.

Motoring World’s management, therefore, hereby dissociates itself from such an unfounded story. For two of our senior editors happen to be members of NAJA, and would never have partaken in any financial inducement to vote for a Car of the Year.

Truth is that, when it comes to an election of any sort, individuals or groups have their interests before majority have their ways, which was what happened towards the 2016 event.

Of course we are aware that it is uncommon in this part of the world to get internal issues of an association reported to the public. Motoring World and NAJA as a body should rather be applauded for this bold step, which, from our finding, has, within the association, fostered stronger unity and weightiness in the process of doing things.

NAJA’s Annual award, like similar ones around the world, keeps evolving. As contained in our story, the 2016 edition was an improvement on the previous years’, as all members partook in the process of arriving at winners.  And no matter what anyone might suggest, all of the cars nominated for the award are good enough to win.

Notwithstanding the bumpy roads towards the award, Peugeot deserves the honour it got.

And from our finding, NAJA is resolved to make 2017 edition even better than ever.



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