MTN Sitting-on-Nothing Man’s Secret Revealed


This is no magic: He sits on a seat attached to a metal frame screwed onto metal box disguised with cardboard and red carpet. His seat is under his trousers.


Following publication of the photograph of the man found sitting on nothing at Allen roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos, last week, we investigated and found out that the man was actually sitting on something. He was sitting on a metal frame hidden in his pant.

The seat was attached to a metal pole screwed onto that box, which looked like ordinary cardboard box. It was a heavy metal box wrapped with cardboard. The sit is attached to a pole screwed onto the box, pushed inside his trousers with a seat under his bum and resting back under his cloth. No wonder, only one leg was moved throughout. While his right foot remained stationary.

It’s no magic after all. Neither was it anything scientific. He did not defeat gravity. MTN only played tricks on motorists.

For more information, please click on the video below to watch similar episode staged in London:

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