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Mitsubishi EkX, Ek Wagon Achieve Top Safety Ratings

MITSUBISHI eK X (pronounced eK “cross”) and eK Wagon have been awarded the highest rating by Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP*1 ). Both height kei wagons eK X and eK Wagon earned the highest ASV+++*2 rating in the preventive safety performance and the maximum five-star rating in the collision safety performance in the FY2019*3 JNCAP testing and assessment.

MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ safety concept underpins the product development to promote a mobility society with zero traffic accidents. The company is fully committed to developing and implementing active and passive safety technologies and protection.

Driver assistance tech tops preventive safety performance

The eK X and eK Wagon come equipped with driver assistance technology which encompasses preventive safety measures to support the drivers in avoiding collisions, or mitigate the collision damage.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) alerts the driver with a warning buzzer and information screen display when the vehicle is about to stray from its lane, while Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) assists the driver in moving the vehicle back to its lane.

The Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication installed in both kei wagons prevents sudden acceleration by unintentional operation of shift lever or pedal, and Multi Around Monitor*4 assists the driver to check the vehicle surroundings when parking.

In addition, the built-in Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) braking system which detects pedestrians and vehicles ahead of the vehicle, and Automatic High Beam (AHB) which switches between high beam and low beam by detecting preceding or oncoming vehicles and brightness of the road and its surroundings, ensure a more confident and safe driving.

Both the eK X and eK Wagon received full scores of lane departure prevention, pedal misapplication prevention and rear-view monitoring systems.

RISE body designed for collision protection

The eK X and eK Wagon offer high levels of collision safety performance by adopting MITSUBISHI MOTORS’ RISE*5 safety body system. It combines collision energy absorbing front body design with a deformation-resistant passenger compartment, as well as six SRS airbags that enhance passenger protection performance.

eK Wagon

The kei wagons are designed to further improve the pedestrian safety by installing the energy absorbing structure at the bonnet hood to protect the head area of pedestrians, and a structure inside the bumper to reduce injuries to the legs of pedestrians in the event of a collision.

FY2019 JNCAP preventive and collision safety performance test results

Preventive safety performance

Evaluation item Scores by
eK X/ eK
Maximum score
Autonomous emergency braking system
(Forward Collision Mitigation*7) [Car to car]
32.0*8 32.0
Autonomous emergency braking system
(Forward Collision Mitigation*7) [Pedestrian]
Daytime 25.0*8 25.0
with lighting
35.2 40.0
Night without
14.4 15.0
Lane departure prevention system
(Lane Departure Warning*7, Lane Departure Prevention*7)
16.0*8 16.0
Rear-view monitoring system
(Multi Around Monitor*7)
6.0*8 6.0
Advanced headlamp equipment
(Automatic High Beam*7)
1.4 5.0
Pedal misapplication prevention
(Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication*7)
2.0*8 2.0
Total 132.0 141.0

Collision safety performance

Evaluation item Scores by
eK X/ eK
Passenger protection 53.07 59.0
Pedestrian protection 30.50 37.0
Passenger seat belt reminder 3.0 4.0
Total 86.5 100.0


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