Maserati MULTI70 Crosses the Equator after 22 Days of Navigation

Maserati Multi70 is back in the northern hemisphere after crossing the equator at longitude 5°W on Friday at 10:28 UTC after 21 days, 13 hours and 15 minutes.

In a statement released on Saturday, the company described the development as an important moment for the skipper Giovanni Soldini and the other four crew members (Guido Broggi, Sébastien Audigane, Oliver Herrera Perez and Alex Pella) as Soldini explains: “We’ve passed the Equator. To get there after only 21 days from Hong Kong and six days from Cape of Good Hope is a pretty good time. We are happy, our eastern option, I mean our choice to navigate near the African coast, has paid off. We have a good wind and we maintain good speeds. Now we are thinking about the northern hemisphere, it is the last part of the course; it is also the most difficult because we will arrive in winter. We must get ready”.

From its current position, Maserati Multi70 will have to continue its route towards NW continuing along the coast of West Africa before entering the north-eastern trade winds that look stable in strength and direction starting from latitude 10°N.

After that, the crew will have to decide the route up to Europe and it will depend on the location of the Azores High and the trajectories of the winter depressions that sweep across the North Atlantic near those latitudes.

At 11:20 UTC, the advantage of Maserati Multi70 on the record holder’s route is 2,009 miles, 3,630 miles left to the finish line. After three weeks and one day of navigation, Maserati Multi70 has travelled 9,033 nm of the total 13,000 miles of the theoretical route (average speed of 17.5 knots), it has already exceeded 10,186 miles sailed at an average speed of 19.7 knots.

Maserati Multi70 left Hong Kong on Thursday 18 January, to beat the record set in 2008 by Lionel Lemonchois on board the 100 footer maxi catamaran Gitana 13 (41 days, 21 hours and 26 minutes), the 21.20 metre trimaran must cross the finish line under the Queen Elizabeth II bridge on the River Thames before Thursday 1 March.


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