How to Make a Rally Car Fly!

…The Full Story behind the Epic Skydriver Viral Video

…What Really Happened When the Flying Fiesta Returned To Earth

Awards, beers, eBay, clones, drones plus a crash landing – the full story and secrets behind the jaw-dropping #Skydriver viral video have been revealed in a short follow-up film released on Tuesday.

What started life as some bar-room bravado banter ended up, more than two years later, with a livered car flying down one of Zip World’s adventure tourism wires at Slate Mountain, Blaenau Ffestiniog in north Wales – an incredible stunt that has already been watched by many hundreds of thousands of online viewers in the first few days since being released.

Although some of the more eagle-eyed browsers did spot that two different look-a-like Dayinsure liveried cars had been used for the rally driving and sky driving elements (the clue was in the wheels), what the cameras didn’t reveal was the car’s somewhat unplanned bumpy landing at the end of its dramatic, high speed flight down Zip World Titan.

The full story is now disclosed in a special behind-the-scenes #InsideSkydriver film. The edit includes yet to be seen footage of the spectacular stunt plus interviews with key members of the ambitious #Skydriver team who were not only responsible for dreaming up such a crazy proposition but also for actually accomplishing the eye-catching feat.

Moreover, #InsideSkydriver re-emphasises the relevance of the stunt with two of the World Championship speed tests on the 2018 Dayinsure Wales Rally GB itinerary to be staged for the very first time at Slate Mountain on Friday 5 October.

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