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LEVC Electric taxi Protects Occupants Against Covid-19

As restrictions on movement ease across the country, LEVC’s TX electric taxi is playing a vital role in keeping passengers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping socially distant remains a major challenge for those returning to their jobs, with Government actively discouraging workers from using public transport. TX taxis can provide a crucial transport service, with a purpose-built design that separates the driver and passenger compartment.

Sitting on the rear seats, passengers are two metres away from the driver, with the Driver Protection Screen providing a vital physical barrier between the two. The partition is fitted as standard in the vehicle and is fully compliant with whole vehicle type approval – a feature unique to the purpose-built TX taxi. The TX also features a durable, easy to clean passenger environment, ensuring that drivers can optimally clean their vehicles after every fare.

Contactless payment in the rear is available – allowing passengers to make cashless payments and remain socially distant – while an intercom system allows driver and passenger to always communicate clearly, without the need for ‘face-to-face’ communication as the driver remains forward-looking.

In addition, TX features a multi-filter system which prevents gases and particles from entering the cabin, using an in-built air quality sensor that automatically closes the external air intake if increased levels of pollution in the outside air is detected.

The zero emissions capable TX contributes to improving air quality in the UK too. More than 4,000 electric taxis have now been sold, already preventing 30,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and also saving 17.5 million litres of fuel.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO, LEVC, commented: “The iconic black cab has always been the lifeblood of urban life, playing a vital role in moving people around the city. Right now, taxi services are even more critical. As workers begin to return to their jobs in towns and cities around the UK, they need to feel safe and comfortable during their commute. As a purpose-built taxi designed to provide a protective interior environment, our TX electric taxi offers a high quality and safe passenger experience.


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