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How Capable is Kia Quoris Bullet-Proof Luxury Sedan?

With its Bullet-proof Quoris now on sale in Nigeria, Kia has succeeded in providing a capable automotive alternative for high net-worth individuals, top chief executive officers and government functionaries in need of a vehicle that will always provide the best protection against kidnapping attempts or terrorist attacks, reports ROTIMI ASHER

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is tough. It is hyper secure. Although it stormed Nigeria’s Super-luxury auto market with a bang, occupants of the car need not be afraid of violent bangs. For whoever rides in this car is cruising inside shatterproof, grenade resistant, opaque anti-blast and protective coated and reinforced automotive body. It is bullet-proof. It is Kia Quoris armoured luxury sedan, which is now available in Nigeria.

Kia Quoris’ armour-plating is rated as one of the best bullet-proof cars in the country with a sniper resistant roof fitted with special steel and shatterproof glass. Yet it is selling for only N39.6 Million, as against a rival model known to have been sold to the Federal government of Nigeria’s officials for over N100 million. That explains why it is said to have enjoyed an impressive outing and gained momentum amongst top chief executive officers and government officials.

What about Power?

As revealed recently by Sandeep Malhotra, Chief Commercial Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria, the armoured luxury sedan is powered by a turbo-charged 3.8-litre V6 engine and boasts enough protective capability to defend against rifle fire from military weapons, hand grenades, explosive charges, amongst others.

“High-tech fibres and enhanced materials are used to implement the armouring process with top notch installation techniques to provide greater protection and exhilarating experience for our well-heeled, security-conscious customers,” said Mr. Malhotra

Moreover, Kia Quoris armoured luxury sedan provides an exceptional level of protection from the impact of collisions for all occupants and is outfitted with high-performance run-flat-tire inserts. The springs, shock absorbers, role and torsion bars and brake system are replaced with new updated parts. The ratings of these components are measured to provide the optimum balance in handling, so as not to affect the overhaul driving dynamics of the reinforced luxury sedan from the standard model.

With this Bullet-proof Quoris, which an auto commentator once described as a mobile fortress, Kia Motors Nigeria has succeeded in creating a niche for itself in the nation’s super-luxury market.




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