Kewalram Chanrai DMD Cautions Critics of Auto policy

…Plans to Export Locally Assembled Isuzu to African Countries

KewalramThe Deputy managing Director of Kewalram Chanrai Group, Mr. Victor Eburajolo, has urged auto industry stakeholders criticising the nation’s auto policy to exercise restrain. Speaking at an exhibition held in Lagos recently, Mr. Eborajolo reasoned that negative comments are capable of throwing spanners in the wheel of progress for the survival of the auto policy.

He said: “Those who are benefiting from importing fully built units (of automobiles) have been spending money publishing that the policy should not work.”

Victor Ogbeyiwa Eburajolo

Victor Ogbeyiwa Eburajolo

He implored “those categories of dealers to exercise patience”, adding, “it is understandable that when you want to introduce a change in a society, it is usually not very easy because those who are benefiting from old order will kick against it.”

Meanwhile, he revealed that his company’s Isuzu light truck assembly plant, being constructed at Isolo, Lagos is almost complete, reiterating that it would commence full operation before the end of the second quarter of 2016, adding that when the plant becomes operational in Nigeria, there would be the possibility of exporting the vehicles outside the country. The Kewalram Chanrai boss commended the Federal Government for reviving the nation’s auto industry, expressing confidence that the policy will work.

“We know the present government is not the one that will abandon a good policy,” he added.


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