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My Hyundai Sonata’s Air-Conditioner Is Not Blowing Cold, Please Help


[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Automan,

This afternoon, I switched on my air-conditioner and it is working but it is not cold. So I had to switch it off and wind down, as I returned from Church. I intend to take it for repair, but please enlighten me why this happened and what can be done. My car is 2013 Hyundai Sonata.

Thank you sir for the good job you are doing for car owners.

Evangelist Oluwadamilare Kolawole




Dear Evang Kolawole,

I am sure we had diagnosed a similar problem in one of the past editions of Motoring World.

Notwithstanding, for the sake of those who joined our readership trail recently, I’ll shine light on this problem, once again. If I get you right, when you switch on your car’s air-conditioner, it blows room-temperature, rather than blowing cold air you desire.

When you experience such a problem, most likely cause is lack of refrigerant, popularly referred to as gas, in your car air-conditioning system. If you take it to a private workshop, what they are likely to do is refill the refrigerant.

But problem could be more than that. How long ago did you refill the refrigerant?

Is this the first time you’d experience such a problem since you bought the car? Another thing: you did not mention if you bought the car anew from a Nigerian auto franchise dealer/assembler or as second hand from an imported used vehicle seller.

If you purchased the car from Nigerian auto assembler, which is Hyundai Nigeria, your case is simple. Take it to one of the company’s approved workshops.

But if you have bought an imported used vehicle, well, take it to your preferred technician. But ensure the air-conditioning system is checked for leakage. If there is leakage, then it would be a wasted effort to refill the refrigerant, for it will soon be empty again. Once it is confirmed there is leakage, let that be sorted first before refilling. If there is no leakage, you are good to go. Simply refill the refrigerant.

That is how far we shall go on this week’s edition of Auto Clinic, as specially brought to you weekly, courtesy of Motoring World International.

Next Monday, join me again at the Clinic for another edition.

But before then, remember that for you to AVOID motoring troubles, prevention is always the best solution.

Dear motorists, have you experienced any intractable motoring problem from your automobile? For an explanation, solution or guide, send me an email, indicating the brand, model and manufacturing year of the vehicle. Please give as much explanation as you can about the problem.

And before you leave your home in the morning or embark on any long distance trip, check your tyres, ensuring there is no over-inflation or under-inflation. And also ensure you are not driving on expired tyres.

Be safety conscious.


Mail your questions to: autoclinic@motoringworldng.com


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