Hyundai Nigeria Unveils Face-lifted Tucson SUV

Hyundai Motors Nigeria has unveiled the face-lifted Tucson compact Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) with some of the finest on/off road ideals ever.

Hyundai Tucson

Addressing journalists at a media preview of the new Tucson in Lagos on Saturday, Hyundai Motors Nigeria Head Sales and Marketing, Gaurav Vashisht said the vehicle replaces its predecessor, and it has been refreshed with better SUV capabilities and a superb mix of interior refinement, ride comfort, astonishing reliability, fuel economy and advanced safety features.

Also remodeled with gorgeous niceties, the new Tucson according to him is Hyundai’s icing on the cake, which could prompt a gawk among competitive vehiclesin the practical SUV segment.

Already a toast of local automobile freaks, the Tucson will be prowled in a segment mêlée with such challengers as Honda CRV, Mazda CX-5, Toyota RAV-4, Nissan Kicks and Chevrolet Equinox.

But Hyundai is quick to say the new Tucson offers more equipment for the money, with attractive trim levels, each delivering unprecedented apparatus for their respective points.

The Evolution trim level(the only available model in Nigeria) for instance, is a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine equipped with 164hp and matedto a front-wheel drive and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Tucson’s swanky dimension also offers additional three inches length; 1.1-inch width and 1.2-inch-longer-wheelbase to reaffirm the vehicle’s practicality.

The result, of course, is a spacious and refined interior; passenger-friendly cabin especially for the rear occupants and a 60/40 split rear seat, providing ample thigh support and plenty of legroom even for a six-footer up front.

The cargo area has also been widened for easier loading and offloading with added bonus on the floor (that can be lowered by two inches) to accommodate more shipment.

Hyundai Motors Nigeria sales and marketing helmsman Vashisht who acknowledged these transformations said that the Tucson is a driver’s delight with appreciable reputation for everyday commuting.

He underscored the vehicle’s performance that reaches 60 mph (97km) in just 7.9 seconds, which is quick for cars in this class.

Couple with these significant improvements is Tucson’s five inch touchscreen LCD display; the steering and suspension, which provides a robust suspension component, upgraded dampers and new hydraulic-type bump stops, Mr. Gaurav explained.

He said:“Drivers of the new Tucson would undoubtedly appreciate Hyundai’s Flex Steer System available on the model for the first time as well as a remarkably distinctive Standard Drive Mode Select System that alters steering effort, transmission shift programming and throttle response in variance with the three settings – Normal, Eco and Sport.”

These driving modes, according to him allow the driver to vary the level of steering support and feedback to best suit the environment – atypical feature on luxury cars, yet offered as standard in the new Tucson.

But how does this works? Mr. Vashisht said:“when the all-wheel drive is engaged, an Active Control System, not only sends power reward while turning, but applies the inside rear brakes to reduce the vehicle’s tendency to push wide through turns.”

Hyundai Tucson inside

Other features include a bi-function projection type headlight and LED positioning lamps for improved visibility along with LED rear lamps and newly designed 7.0J x 18”Alloy wheels and a full-size spare tyre.

The Tucson’s interior also benefited from a number of enhancements with an attractive cabin and spacious seating rows capable of conveniently seating five.

The front seats, for instance, are supple and offer generous support for longer trips. There’s also ample head and legroom at the rear for two adults to fit comfortably.

Fabric upholstery is standard while leather, heated and ventilated front seats are available as options.

It is hard to fault the Tucson’s cabin from a functional standpoint as the interior is well-insulated and remains quiet on the highway.

There are however ample storage bins up front, and the center armrest bin and smartphone holder are usefully large.

Hyundai continues to design and place its controls very well. The five-inch touchscreen audio interface and layout for instance is refreshingly attractive, with easily pressed virtual buttons, sharing space with song data from the radio or media player.

What’s more, the vehicle’s fluidic design opens up a world of possibilities with an optional panoramic sunroof that extends from the front seats to the back and a rear spoiler with brake lights-built-in that puts a finishing touch on the fluidic sculpture design that is uniquely Hyundai.

There is also a standard rear view camera on all trims with rear cross-traffic alerts that makes navigation a snap thus removing guesswork out of backing into a tight spot.

Local automobile journalists who subsequently put the new Tucson to the test confirmed these transformations, which they say,offers exceptional ride comfort and delivers a compelling package among midsize SUVs.

Meanwhile, the US News, a foremost American news magazine has acknowledged the sagacity of the Tucson when it recently voted the vehicle as “Best Compact SUV for the money” and “Best Compact SUV for families” respectively.

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