Geely Auto Group and Shell Sign New Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Broaden Cooperation beyond Just Lubricants

The “Challenge 100 Degrees – Geely Goes Global, Powered by Shell” European Tour came to a conclusion at the iconic center of British motorsport in Goodwood.

At the same time, Geely Auto Group and Shell signed a global strategic cooperation agreement broadening their cooperation beyond just lubricants. The conclusion of the jointly organized tour and signing of a new cooperation agreement represents Geely Auto’s active participation in global market, sharing of strategic opportunities on the “One Belt and One Road,” reshaping of the global industrial chain, and acceleration of the company’s goal to become a top ten global automaker.

After more than a month of travelling, the fleet of the new Geely Bo Yue arrived at Goodwood for the closing ceremony of the “Challenge 100 Degrees” tour. At the Goodwood Manor, they were warmly welcomed by Mr. An Conghui, President and CEO of Geely Auto Group, Mr Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial at Royal Dutch Shell, other senior executives from both companies, and a fleet of cars from the Geely family of brands including Lotus, LEVC, and Lynk & Co.

Starting from Xi’an on May 4th, the team drove over 18,000km across Asia and Europe, passing through 58 cities in 9 countries and stopping in Moscow, Minsk, Hamburg and Paris before finally arriving at Goodwood in the United Kingdom. The team faced more than a dozen kinds of difficult road conditions and travel 108 degrees of longitude through three different climate zones to complete the unprecedented journey. Not only did the “Challenge 100 Degrees” tour demonstrate the Bo Yue’s ability to travel across the globe, it also demonstrated the car’s quality, craftsmanship, and character to the world, as well as the strength of Chinese auto brands.

The Bo Yue is the first Smart Connected SUV produced by Geely. By combining smart comfort, smart connectivity and smart safety, the Bo Yue has established itself as the leader in its segment. Known for the 3Gs “good looks, good drive, good intelligence” by the media and public when it launched, the Bo Yue has sold more than 500,000 units within 25 months of its launch, topping SUV sales in China. During the “Challenge 100 Degrees” tour, the Bo Yue challenged tanks to a race in Moscow, was tested in the Shell Technology Centre Hamburg, competed in the motorsports holy land of the Nürburgring track, and in Goodwood conducted off-road test drives that proves what has been said about the Bo Yue is not just hype.

As a co-organizer of the cross continent “Challenge 100 Degrees” tour, Shell’s mobilization of global resources and promotional activities was invaluable to the success of the trip. Geely and Shell have cooperated in the field of lubricant solutions since 2006, working hand in hand in developing advanced engine oils for

Geely engines for 12 years. The two brands have cooperated deeply in production, service, motorsports, and overseas becoming a model of win-win cooperation in the industry.

At the conclusion of the jointly organized “Challenge 100 Degrees” tour, Geely Auto Group and Shell have reached a global strategic cooperation agreement to strengthen the 12-year long relationship and extend the scope of cooperation beyond lubricants. The agreement outlines a roadmap to wider collaboration between the two companies in areas of research and development, new market entries and growth, as well as joint branded opportunities across motorsports and corporate social responsibility. In addition, Geely and Shell will collaborate on new digital opportunities and new energy transition.

Mr Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President of Global Commercial at Royal Dutch Shell said, “This is a demonstration of the value that Shell, as an energy company that has international footprint with broad and diverse interests and capabilities, can bring as a strategic partner to its customers in the field of energy transition that is rapidly changing the future of mobility.”

Mr. An Conghui, President and CEO of Geely Auto Group, said: “Geely Auto Group has cooperated with Shell for the past 11 years, throughout which we have explored shared synergies that have allowed Geely to expand aggressively. Going forward, we hope the strengthening of our partnership will assist us in our 20200 Strategy goal of producing and selling two million cars per year, help our transition into becoming a leading new energy brand under the Blue Geely Initiative, and become a focal point for cutting edge technologies developed by both organisations.”

Geely Auto Group deepening partnership with Shell represents another step in globalization of Chinese auto brands. As a leader among Chinese auto brands, Geely Auto not only needs to lead in the Chinese market, it need to be confident, expand outwards, fully engage in global competition, and become one of the world’s top automakers. To achieve those lofty goals, Geely has committed itself to leading through global talent and technology.

In 2018, Geely plans to set up a new design studio in the UK to support Lotus as well as a new R&D centre in Europe that will become part of an innovative development system consisting of five major R&D centres and five major design studios around the world. Currently, Geely employs over 15,000 research staff from over 40 countries.



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