Ex-NADDC Director Slams Critic of Nigeria’s Automotive Policy

…Says the Policy has not Raised Tariff on Imported Used Vehicles

Proffers Solution to Importation of Accident vehicles

Former Director of Strategy and Policy, National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Mr. Luqman Mamudu has described the recent statement credited to Managing Director of PTML Terminal, Mr. Ascanio Russo, criticising the Nigerian Auto policy as having no base.

Recently, Mr Russo, in a statement, said the policy had contributed nothing to the nation’s economy since established, but instead had led to increase in importation of accident vehicles into the country.

Russo, PTML Terminal boss: Auto policy has contributed nothing to the nation’s economy

Reacting in a statement mailed to Motoring World at the weekend, Mamudu, who is also the Chairman, Resident Automotive Components Dealers Association of Nigeria (RACDAN) and CEO, Transtech industrial consulting ltd, warned that PTML terminal boss’ statement was capable of undermining what to him are numerous gains of the policy.

He said: “The MD of PTML terminal statement on the automotive policy is uncalled for, as he failed to provide any concrete evidence to support his assertion.”

Mamudu decried a situation in which any change in the fortune of foreign Ports workers are blamed on the nation’s auto policy, warning that Russo’s recent statement is capable of misinforming Nigerians about the policy and its gains.

Luqman mamudu, ex-NADDC Director:This misguided statement can readily undermine the gains of the policy which are enormous

He said: “It looks like it has become fashionable to blame the automotive policy  for any changes in fortune of these foreign ports workers whose home automotive industries are thriving but facilitate dumping of all manners of vehicles in Nigeria. It’s not fair. .

“This misguided statement can readily undermine the gains of the policy which are enormous.”

In his view, it is wrong to attribute the lull in activities at the Nigerian ports to the Automotive Policy.

“He should look elsewhere for reasons why there is a lull in activities at the port,” he slammed, adding, “It’s not the automotive policy. Though he seems to have a faint idea, because for a brief moment, he talked about recession and high price of vehicles, then suddenly  jumps to blame the automotive policy.

Contrary to Russo’s view, Mamudu said the automotive policy has not raised tariff against used vehicles whether fairly used or scrap, adding that long before the policy was introduced, bulk of vehicles imported into Nigeria hovered around 80% or more.

He queried: “Why on earth will Russo and all the sworn enemies of the policy insist that the policy is responsible for the increased import or diversion of used vehicles or their smuggling?” adding, “This is simple logic.  The policy is designed to increase tariff on used vehicles only after the robust made in Nigeria automotive vehicle purchase scheme is launched. This has not happened. I am sure the Ministry of Industry trade and investment is working hard to realize this project. I admit it’s been slow in coming.

“Even then the automotive policy has a program to curtail smuggling but which the Nigerian customs service is yet to support fully.

“NADDC has built the electronic platform www.narp.gov.ng  at great cost and ready for integration with the customs trade portal years back.  Mr Russo and his friends should talk to them or work with them to save his business.

“Knocking the policy will not help those who insist on dumping fully built vehicles in Nigeria. The SON should insist on SONCAP for all vehicles shipped into Nigeria.  This will solve problems of importing scraps as vehicles.”







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