Comparison Test: VW Golf versus Subaru Outback

Point-by-Point Comparison Of Alltrack and Outback Shows VW With Clear Advantages In Performance

A new head-to-head comparison infographic from pits the VW Golf Alltrack against the Subaru Outback. The comparison chart reveals the 2017 VW Golf Alltrack beats the 2017 Subaru Outback in terms of fuel economy, performance, and weight. The infographic also compares cargo space, seating, suspension type, MSRP, and other metrics to show that the 2017 Golf Alltrack is a solid competitor to the Subaru Outback.

2016-vw-golf-estate2017-subaru-outback-rear“The Alltrack’s 1.8 liter turbocharged engine is a big improvement over the Outback’s solid but aging 2.5 liter boxer engine,” says Rocco Demas, Director of “Not only is it torquier than the Subaru 2.5, it’s also more fuel efficient. Add in the VW’s 300lb weight advantage, and the Golf Alltrack is a better overall performer,” says Demas.

30b9fb15-e95d-4188-b189-7aef49c2553aBased on the successful design of the Golf SportWagen, the Alltrack is in many ways directly comparable to the Subaru Outback. Cargo space is similar, although the larger Outback comes out on top. The Alltrack offers a higher EPA fuel economy rating than the Outback, yet both vehicles seat 5 passengers and have essentially the same asking price.

“The Outback is certainly bigger than the Golf Alltrack, but that sizes comes with a price,” says Demas. “The Golf Alltrack is sportier, offering V6-like performance at a 4-cylinder price point. Not to mention, the Golf Alltrack looks like a wagon. The Outback is very SUV-like these days,” says Demas.

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