Road Safety

Family Motoring Holiday: Essential Guides from Four Vagabonds

For about two weeks every summer between 1914 and 1924, a group of friends who called themselves the Four Vagabonds would climb into their Model Ts and hit the open road, travelling to some of the United States’ most scenic areas, stopping off and setting up overnight camps along the way. But these weren’t your average Americans. They were none other than ...

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How to Become Resilient In Face Of Motoring Challenges

Scientists discovered that not only could rats be taught how to drive tiny rodent operated vehicles (ROVs), but through the learning process the fur-faced participants actually experienced lowered stress levels. The study, which was carried out by researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Richmond in Virginia, USA, revealed a healthier stress hormone balance across all participants, in a pattern consistent with ...

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Why You Should Strap Your Child on Car Seat

Your child is by far the most precious cargo your vehicle will ever have to carry. If you love your children, you would never want anything to happen to them. Unfortunately, it seems awareness towards car seat safety is still relatively low in many African countries, including Nigeria and South Africa. Truth, however, is, for safety reason, it’s critical to ...

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59th Independence Celebration: FRSC Cautions Motorists

As part of concerted efforts to ensure free flow of traffic and the safety of lives and properties of road users, during the 59th Independence Day celebration; the Federal Road Safety Corps has urged Nigerians to embrace safety ideals, imbibe positive road behavior and adhere to all traffic rules and regulations. Contained in a release signed by Bisi Kazeem, the ...

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Fewer Accidents Caused by Learner or Inexperienced Drivers

Learner or inexperienced car drivers are causing fewer accidents as new figures obtained from the Department for Transport reveal they fell to 2,111 in 2018, continuing a downward trend from previous years. The news has been welcomed by leading driving experience provider which provides young driver training courses. Imran Malek, operations manager at, said: “More time behind the wheel ...

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Top Tips to Banish Driving Distractions

NEIL WORTH Recognizing the danger of distractions and knowing how to keep them to a minimum is a vital part of driving safely. Where drivers divide their attention between the main task of driving and a secondary, distracting task, there will be a negative effect on driving performance.  Sensible lane choice can disappear, reactions are slowed, observations become more fixed, ...

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How to Be a Good Passenger

Dangers of distracted driving awareness campaigns often focus on the use of mobile phones whilst behind the wheel. But travelling with passengers is also associated with an increased likelihood of a crash. An early study showed that drivers with passengers were almost 60 per cent more likely to have a crash resulting in serious injury compared to when driving alone. And the ...

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