Reflections with Rotimi Asher

Why Nigerian Auto Assemblers Must Generate their Own Power

By: ROTIMI ASHER ( On a serious note, I have often wondered why it is difficult for Nigeria to generate enough megawatts for 24-hour power supply. Sometimes, I have been made to think that our past leaders might have signed a deal with darkness to ensure that, no matter the amount of money sunk into the power sector, the country’s ...

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1933 Prophecy About Driverless Car

By: ROTIMI ASHER Today, the greatest achievement in the auto industry is that of a car that drives itself. Google, in partnership with an auto maker has completed one, already being tested in Europe and America. There is a Mobileye partnering with Audi in Middle East. There are more. Autonomous car is here. Quite significant! But what’s most significant is ...

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Spiritual Metamorphosis of Cars(Part II)

By: ROTIMI ASHER The creator has given human beings raw materials required for their physical existence. In­venting an airplane for transportation to very far distances, ship for moving heavy goods from one continent to another, making exotic auto machines to cruise in and around the cities. Man’s technological develop­ment did not emerge from the blues; it started after the antediluvian ...

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