Ultimatum to VW Nigeria and Hypocrisy of Consumer Protection Council

By: FEMI OWOEYE About six weeks after Volkswagen AG confessed in the United States that millions of its brands contained software that could cheat pollution tests, Nigeria’s Consumer Protection Council (CPC) issued a seven-day ultimatum to the Volkswagen Nigeria to provide information on the status of its vehicles in relation to the emissions cheating software. It also requested the company ...

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Are Auto Marketers Being Honest with Nigerians?

Despite the nation’s freedom of information law, certain Nigerian automobile dealers still withhold vital information about their products. Some romance with few “journal-leases”, and shut their doors against selected others. Releasing new cars to journalist for test-drive, a standard practice around the world, including South Africa, is what certain dealers frown at. Some do organize guided road tests. At the end, even ...

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Is This the FRSC We’ve Been Waiting For, Or…?

Last Friday(September 18th), I was opportune to witness the Ogere Unit of the Federal Road safety Commission (FRSC) on duty. “Courtesy culture”, which the Commission was known for during Dr. Olu Agunloye’s leadership, was witnessed once again. The marshals waved down vehicles, including ours. A smiling female marshal, who attended to us, first of all, addressed the driver thus: “Hello ...

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Need to Spy the Road Guards

By: FEMI OWOEYE   Given the daily maiming and bombing of human beings in Northern Nigeria, one would be too reluctant to blame President Buhari’s regime or Inspector General of Police for approving return of police roadblocks across the nation, albeit if I had been in a position to advise the IG, mounting of police road blocks would not have been ...

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Your Excellency, As you resume officially inside Aso Rock today, I feel the need to quickly alert your Excellency that it  would be disastrous to do siddonlook with the nation’s industrial sector, as you seem to have done with the politics of the national assembly. I understand that your original plan is to drastically review President Jonathan’s automotive policy. Recent ...

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Aganga’s Auto Policy: Beyond the Surface 2

By: FEMI OWOEYE Whoever wins the next Saturday’s presidential election should make one thing a priority. The automobile industry. Courtesy of technocrat Olusegun Aganga, the sector which had suffered neglect over the years , is now back on discussion table. Though not many analysts would score President Goodluck Jonathan 10% over the development, which is quite understandable, the brain behind ...

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Aganga’s Auto Policy: Beyond The Surface

By: FEMI OWOEYE Honourable Minister of Trade, Industry and Investment, Olusegun Olutoyin Aganga, has suffered clouds of criticisms, especially regarding the new auto policy and its contents. Of course most of such criticisms are quite justified. Some said implementation of the auto policy was too hasty. Absolutely right.Others thought it’s being done to favour industrialists and punish motoring public. In ...

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Menace of Quack Auto Technicians

By: FEMI OWOEYE The age when vehicles were mere machines without brains is gone.  That was the age when vehicles used carburettors, which would inject petrol into the combustion chamber, plug creating sparks into the chamber, causing explosion, force of which would turn the crank shaft, which would roll the wheels and get the car moving. Today’s vehicles are clever. ...

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