Young People Need Our Support : We Must Seize This Tremendous Opportunity

PATRICIA SCOTLAND (Commonwealth Secretary-General) Our world seems to be changing faster than ever – technologically, environmentally, socially – and in so many other ways. It is hard for any of us to keep up with the astonishing pace and scale of developments, and their impact for better or for worse on our own lives and the ways in which they affect ...

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 Taming The Lull in Nigeria’s Auto Market

MANNY PHILIPSON The country’s automotive sub-sector may as it were be enmeshed in fresh round of uncertainty, if the recently retained 14 percent Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) is anything to endorse. Just last Thursday 22 November 2018, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Godwin Emefiele announced after the 264th Monetary Policy Committee meeting in Abuja that the decision to ...

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Why Nigerian Gov Officials, Diplomats Should Ride Only Locally Assembled Vehicles

JOE OLOWOJOBA Recent news about Kojo Motors’ setting up assembly plant for Yutong Bus in Nigeria is commendable. This effort as well as that of other already existing plants will, no doubt, create thousands of jobs and add positively to Nigerian economy. Given this development, I challenge members of parliaments in states and federal level as well as politicians, Government ...

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RE: Why Government Must Shut Land Borders

Dear editor, Thanks for your piece, “Why Govt. must shut land borders” Ironically, not only the smugglers and ignorant in the society misconstrued the prohibition of vehicle imports through the land borders but even the media. I’ve read a couple of editorials in some newspaper lately, including the SUN and Nation, and I was disappointed how the Fourth-Estate-of-the-Realm could muddled ...

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Buy Nigeria: Politicians Are Disgrace to Nigeria

JOE OLOWOJOBA Nigerian Government, politician and other arms of Government are nothing but a disgrace to the nation, because when local automotive assembly was conceived everyone thought Government would stop using imported vehicles. In fact, it was expected that Mohamed Buhari, Osinbajo and other Government officials would take the lead in driving local Automotive. But instead the same people continue ...

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The Jaguar: A Name for Unique Brands

EFULA ABBAH Legendary writer extraordinaire, William Shakespeare, once asked, what is in a name? And several respondents had over time drawn over board the spell factor, which trails a name, in their answers. A name, it is said, is just an identity. But experience will sure dispute it as careless, redundant and irresponsive to the reality in bearing a name. ...

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AUTONOMOUS CARS: Who Pays If Something Goes Wrong?

EFULA ABBAH With technology in the global auto industry gliding from new inventions and innovations to amazing creativities, the face of automobile gears to a future ‘dependably’ owned by self driving wheels, in a vehicular generation called Autonomous. This seeming craves for the Autonomous vehicles is garnering momentum as global auto manufacturers are already competing in the production. But, one ...

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EFULA ABBA (Motoring World’s General Editor) Inquisitivity, it is said, kills the cat; and yet asking bares no grudge, because it enlightens and broadens knowledge. There are reasons to begin to ask questions now concerning the August visit of the Association of Africa Automotive Manufacturers, AAAM, to the country recently. From the planning of the visit, the arrival and the ...

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