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My Worst Driving Experience Ever -AMY MUONEKE, MD, Carmudi Nigeria

She is young, beautiful, amiable, passionate and dynamic. Those are the best ways to describe AMY MUONEKE, new Managing Director of Carmudi Nigeria, an organization on the Internet Market Space, selling automobiles. Before joining Carmudi last month, AMY, who holds a Masters degree in Business Finance from Brunet University London, had worked as Commercial Development and Operations Manager for Genesis Deluxe Cinemas ...

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Nigeria’s Lewis Hamilton in the Making

He picked the first ticket for the preliminary contest staged recently at Coscharis 4×4 Test Track in Lagos. He is Ugochukwu Onuiri, one of three candidates representing Nigeria at this year’s Ford Ranger Odyssey Contest holding in Southern Africa. Ugochukwu is a car lover and a freak. He is passionate about motoring. Indeed, he was so much in a hurry ...

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Darey Art Alade’s Dream Machine

At the recent official opening of Nissan Multi-million naira edifice on the Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Darey Art Alade, in a chat with Motoring World Editor-in-chief, FEMI OWOEYE, said:” a car, to me, has become a necessary staple in our lives today just as is your telephone and electricity”. Dare Art Alade, popularly known as Darey is a Nigerian multi-platinum ...

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Late Bob Marley’s Most Treasured Car

This year’s Bob Marley’s birthday was marked differently. Amidst concert and milling in and out of crowd, something huge was hid under a wrap. It was a car, an unusual one, but which he would have glad to touch even in life beyond. It was the vehicle he treasured most, when he was alive, Motoring World’s Senior Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER ...

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New E-book Titled: I Just Made the Tea

…Tales of 30 Years inside Formula 1 This is the e-book edition of Di Spires’ unusual and revealing Formula 1 memoir. Di and her husband Stu travelled the world in Formula 1 for 30 years, running the team motor-home for a succession of different teams. As well as Formula 1 people, she encountered personalities from every walk of life, from ...

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Women, Younger Buyers Need Help to Find Their Next Car

By: MATILDA FRANCES Recent research from Auto Trader’s Buyer Behaviour Study undertaken by GfK1 suggests that nearly half of all buyers begin the search for their next used car unclear on the make and model they want. The research revealed that 48% were undecided compared with 52% of buyers who approached the process with a clear purchase intention. When broken ...

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Hilarious But True: How a Female American Missionary Adapted to Driving in Northern Nigeria

After months of terror and apprehension, following her arrival in Nigeria with her husband and children, Christy, an American missionary, summoned the courage to drive a car. She later discovered and documented 10 unspoken driving rules, which she believes can reduce road accidents on Nigerian road… Chris and Christy are a couple and Americans born and raised in Michigan and ...

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President Jonathan’s Official Car: How Secure?

Since 1963, when American President, J F Kennedy was killed, while driving through Dallars in an open-topped limousine Lincoln Continental SS-100-X, world leaders have had reasons to acquire automobiles that keep them safe from attacks. But how secured is Nigerian presidential car? ROTIMI ASHER finds out.. The common practice in most countries of  the world is to acquire automobiles that ...

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