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Auto Insurance is Fraud-Manny Phillipson

Many Phillipson, CEO of Media Advocates Limited and a consultant to Stallion Motors, in this interview with Motoring World International (MOWI), takes a critical look at the problem of fake auto insurance certificates in Nigeria, advocating suspension of Third party Auto Insurance policies. Excerpts MOWI: Do you insure your vehicle directly with insurance companies or through agents at licensing offices? ...

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Valentine Special: What Stallion Marketing Staff Wants as Birthday Gift

Chidi Ekeananyanwu loves cars. She fancies driving. All she has done for a living for the past 10 years has been about cars. She sells auto machines. A personnel of Nigeria’s multi-brand auto marketing and manufacturing company, Chidi has marketed various auto brands, including Honda, Hyundai and Skoda. Presently, she markets VW only. Last Friday was her birthday, the same ...

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KISS DANIEL’s Car Crashes, His Producer on Board

 By: ABIODUN ADERIYE Headies Next Rated Artist nominee, Kiss Daniel, last week revealed he and his producer, got involved in an accident. The ‘Woju’ singer took to Instagram to dish out some advice for his fans. Sharing his experience, he wrote: “Morning guys.. don’t press ur phone while driving fam, it’s never a good idea. Crashed into a canal last night @ ...

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If I Have to Choose between Dream Car and My Wife – Classic FM Programme Director, Chukwuma Aligwekwe, alias Chiko

Classic FM’s Programme Director, Chukwuma Aligwekwe never attended a driving school. He started driving at the age of 12 by watching his father driving. Then whenever latter stepped out of home, he would start his father’s car and drive it around neighbourhood. Recently, in an exclusive interview with Senior Correspondent of Motoring World International (MOWI), ROTIMI ASHER, the Classic FM ...

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Driving In Nigeria Is Like a War Zone, Says Mrs Chinwe Uwatse, GM, Bang&Olufsen Nigeria Limited

She is a petrol head. She is a painter per excellence with strong passion for arts and culture. Her figure, speech and gesture are naturally arty. They stand out. Meet Mrs Chinwe Uwatse, renowned artist, who, for over two decades, has been General Manager of Bang & Olufsen Nigeria Limited, the only technological company that has its own gallery in ...

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Snow Season Motoring Advice

Motorists in countries that are further away from the equator are getting close, if not yet inside snow season. Are you a motorist within a snow-prone region? Well remember that taking proper precautions will guarantee your having snow season motoring without much pain…could even be with pleasure. Following recent yellow warnings of snow forecast across much of United Kingdom, for ...

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“The Only Car I Would Drive in Outer Space” – Daily Times Publisher, Fidelis Anozike

Fidelis Anozike, controversial publisher of Daily Times Nigeria, is an auto lover. In a recent encounter with Motoring World’s editorial crew in Lagos Island, Nigeria, Mr. Anozike responded to questions ranging from why he bought Daily Times to his dream car and only car he would drive in outer space. The Daily Times Publisher also sends safety messages to young ...

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Incredible! Nigeria’s Youngest Motor Mechanic Apprentice, Just 8-Year-Old

..I’m preparing him for Nigeria’s looming difficult future-Father  By: DOROTHY NEJE His miniature height and stature does not reveal that he has got anything to do with the mechanic workshop, where Motoring World Correspondent found him. Not even his oil-stained brown dress and tattered pare of trousers, which barely cover his tiny pair of legs would make one to reason ...

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“I Lost My Parents at Age 12, But Refused to Give Up” – Female Auto Mechanic, employee of Automatic Fits& Energy Ltd

Watched from a distance, she did her job with the kind of gusto and dexterity commonly found in modern day youths, while pinging on sophisticated touch-screen mobile phones or tablets. But rather than pinging, Mary Fashipe, 27, automobile mechanic since 2012, is more passionate about ensuring that engine pistons are not in any pain. She is thorough. With smiles, she handles ...

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