Plane, Train or Truck: Which is Best for Moving Freight?

A new infographic illustrates the transit times for importing manufactured products into the United States. The length of time it takes to move freight varies between two days and 45 days, depending on the mode of transportation. Utilizing statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce and other reputable sources, the team at Intran was able to collect enough data to chart the estimated ...

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Self-Driving Car That Can ‘See’ Around Corners

Jaguar Land Rover is leading a £4.7 million (approximately R79 million) project to develop self-driving cars that can ‘see’ at blind junctions and through obstacles. Britain’s biggest carmaker is leading a project called AutopleX to combine connected, automated and live mapping tech so more information is provided earlier to the self-driving car. This enables automated cars to communicate with all ...

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MINI at Auto China Beijing 2018

Asian premiere of the new MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door and MINI Convertible – the traditional British brand presents its portfolio of models for premium mobility at the international motor show in the Chinese capital. A unique combination of driving fun, premium quality and individual style, characterise the models with which MINI continues to increase its popularity on the ...

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Peace at Last: Škoda Launches Bicker-Busting Headrest To Silence Back-Seat Squabblers

Backseat bickering and sibling squabbles have been an ongoing issue for parents since the invention of children. But now, thanks to the introduction of an innovative noise-cancelling front seat headrest, parents can enjoy their journeys and concentrate on driving. Featuring ŠKODA’s new QuarrelKancel™ technology, the newest addition to the brand’s range of accessories features in-built speakers that can be deployed ...

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Danger of Making Wrong Choices for Motoring Holiday

EUGENE HERBERT   Part of having a safe trip involves making healthy food choices. Unhealthy foods cause fatigue, lower concentration levels and affect your ability to avoid and respond to emergency situations. When packing the food for your trip, choose food that aids concentration and energy levels. Foods that increase concentration include food like blueberries, avocado, certain vegetables, nuts, dark ...

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70th Anniversary: Is Your Land Rover A Legend?

One of the UK’s leading specialist classic vehicle insurance brokers, Footman James, is searching for Land Rovers with a personal story to tell. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first ever production Land Rover and in a bid to celebrate the iconic marque, a special event will be held at Bicester Heritage for collectors, restorers and enthusiasts to enjoy. ...

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