Book Review: The Good, The Mad And The Ugly … Not To Mention Jeremy Clarkson – The Golden Years Of Motoring Journalism?

This book takes a light-hearted look at what the author considers to have been the golden age of motoring journalism – the last two decades of the 20th century. As a writer and tester for Motor magazine, founding Editor of Fast Lane magazine, and a freelance journalist with a weekly column in The Daily Telegraph, Peter Dron has many tales ...

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2018’s Lessons from a Tough 2017

The past year – 2017 – once again demonstrated the resilience of the South African automotive market and its consumers. The automotive segment is often considered a lead indicator of impending uncertain economic times yet, despite tough trading conditions, new vehicle sales in 2017 still ended the year up by 1.8%, according to NAAMSA. WesBank’s Ghana Msibi, Executive Head of ...

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New EBOOK Explains Auto Parts and Systems from A TO Z

A new auto parts guide promises to teach vehicle owners all they ever need to know about vital auto parts and automotive systems. Published by Olathe Toyota Parts Center, the guide is intended to be a resource for enthusiasts and beginners alike. The book’s conversational tone and clear diagrams guide the reader through the inner workings of their vehicle. Free to download, ...

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BOOK REVIEW: The First Three Shelby Cobras…The sports cars that changed the game-By Gordon Bruce

New Book Tells How the First Three Shelby Cobras Helped Build an Anglo-American Automotive Legend By shoe-horning an American V8 powerplant into a British-designed and built chassis, the Shelby Cobra became a sports car legend on both sides of the Atlantic. This book tells the varied stories of the first three to be built. CSX2000, the only prototype, was owned ...

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Anniversary: Motoring Error that Led to the Killing of General Murtala Mohammed

 …Story as Told by His Orderly, Sergeant Michael Otuwu, the only survivor Exactly 42 years ago, Nigeria’s military head of state, general Murtala Mohammed was assassinated in his official car, Mercedes-Benz 600, now preserved in a Lagos Museum. Eye-witness story about the traffic, motoring, last-minute error and security lapses surrounding the assassination was told by his Orderly, Sergeant Michael Otuwu, ...

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The New Toyota Yaris: Bigger …and What Else?

In a world where we are encouraged to up-size our ‘fast-food’ meals, adopt smartphones with tablet-rivalling screens and consume a multitude of media on cinema-sized televisions – the underlying trend seems to be; ‘bigger is better’. In this spirit the new Yaris has also grown in stature and is poised to offer even more than before. Dimensionally the new Yaris ...

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Battle of Beasts: Toyota Hilux V Ford Ranger

FEMI OWOEYE South Africans love bakkies. As revealed by Gumtree South Africa recently, top selling passenger vehicle in 2017 was the evergreen Toyota Hilux, which topped even the massively popular VW Polo Vivo and Toyota Corolla. But, according to Gumtree, the Ford Ranger wasn’t far behind the Hilux and even managed to outsell it in five months of 2017. Nissan, Isuzu and the ...

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Special Report: Suzuki’s Very First Car

Back in 1954, Suzuki Motor Co, Limited was formed and Michio Suzuki designed and developed his first Automobile together with Son in law Shunzo who headed up the young engineering team, many of whom were in their twenties. Using Suzuki’s ‘Yaramaika’ principal (translated as ‘Let’s do it’) and his determination to drive forward, Shunzo quickly began researching vehicles produced overseas, ...

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