President Jonathan’s Official Car: How Secure?

Since 1963, when American President, J F Kennedy was killed, while driving through Dallars in an open-topped limousine Lincoln Continental SS-100-X, world leaders have had reasons to acquire automobiles that keep them safe from attacks. But how secured is Nigerian presidential car? ROTIMI ASHER finds out.. The common practice in most countries of  the world is to acquire automobiles that ...

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Ford Delivers Performance Feast at Geneva

By: MATILDA FRANCES Ford’s exhibition at the Geneva Motor Show rounded up on the 15th of this month could best be described as a Power Festival. The company dazzled visitors with its most technologically advanced performance model range ever, including its all-new Ford Focus RS and all-new Ford GT supercar, which were unveiled to the public for the first time. ...

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Peugeot 508 : Car Liken to Well Fed Lion

If its equipment, eye catching styling, generous room inside and in trunk as well as extreme safety, as confirmed at Euro-CAP crash test are anything to go bye, PAN Nigeria Limited has got in its Peugeot 508 a strong contender in the nation’s luxury car market, reports ROTIMI ASHER Last week was significant. In a way. Motoring World’s editorial team ...

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New Porsche 911 GT3 RS unveiled

  The new Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which was announced  yesterday, once again blurs the boundary between road-going sports cars and race cars. It is equipped with the maximum degree of motorsport technology currently possible in a street-legal 911, yet retains supreme suitability for everyday driving.   Extensive modifications to the drive system, aerodynamics and lightweight design enhance performance beyond ...

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BY: MATILDA FRANCES The working week is over. The late afternoon sun is glinting on the ice crystals in the road-side snowbanks and turning the snow-capped peaks ahead pink. The road snakes ahead towards a weekend of fun and action. The journey demands a swift, efficient and refined machine to allow the maximum pleasure to be extracted from the time ...

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Ferrari’s Super Power Car

New Ferrari 488 GTB, which débuted at this years Geneva Motor Show, is best described as an extreme power for extreme driving , reports MATILDA FRANCES Forty years on from the unveiling of its first ever mid-rear-engined V8 model, the 308 GTB, the Prancing Horse opens a new chapter in its 8-cylinder history. The Ferrari 488 GTB provides track-level performance ...

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XF: Jaguar’s Fighting Machine

Jaguar XF is certainly the model that redefined the Jaguar range, combining Jaguar’s renowned flair for style and luxury with a genius for technological innovation, providing an instinctive and rewarding driving experience that other sports saloons can only aspire to, writes Motoring World Associate Editor, DOROTHY NEJE. According to Aregbeshola Cletus, the Jaguar Landrover Brand Manager for Coscharis Motors, Lagos, ...

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Mercedes-Benz Weidest Car Ever

By: DOROTHY NEJE Of all Mercedes exhibited cars at the recently concluded Detroit Motor Show, none caught as much attention as  its F015 Luxury Motion, a supposed car of the future, a weird-looking thing, looking so much out-of-this world that even many who did not visit the show but only viewed its pictures online made some of the weirdest comments ...

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Exciting Season is Here

Once again, exciting season is here. Time to take you through thrilling trips round the world of motoring. No ticket is required. Just get on board Motoring World online and be spoilt with motoring news, humours, maintenance tips and exclusive features and stories about motoring people, places and events. Get ready to laugh and “whaoh“. You are almost there. Simply ...

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