Airbags Or Car Bombs?

Indications are that lives of some hundreds of motorists in Nigeria and other African nations are being exposed to daily possibility of fatal accidents resulting from airbag bomb explosion. But how does a device meant to protect lives become an explosive capable of killing vehicle occupants? FRANK BOYEDE finds out. For some years, it has come to light that airbag, ...

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Reported Takata Airbag Bomb Victims

Not less than seven deaths and close to 200 injuries have been linked to airbags explosion, while safety experts believe there might be thousands of unreported cases all over the world. Find below few examples of victims of safety device, which turned to hidden bombs in automobiles Ashley Parham, 18, in Oklahoma City: This victim, who was driving a 2001 Honda ...

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Darey Art Alade’s Dream Machine

At the recent official opening of Nissan Multi-million naira edifice on the Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Darey Art Alade, in a chat with Motoring World Editor-in-chief, FEMI OWOEYE, said:” a car, to me, has become a necessary staple in our lives today just as is your telephone and electricity”. Dare Art Alade, popularly known as Darey is a Nigerian multi-platinum ...

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2015 Lagos Ford Odyssey Challenge: The Untold Story

Male and females, who believed they were tough enough, slugged it out at this year’s annual Ford Ranger Odyssey in-market event held last Friday in Lagos. At the beginning, most participants were hopeful of a ticket to South Africa, but at the end, only what organizers described as the brains and the brawns got selected. Motoring World’s Editor-in-chief, FEMI OWOEYE, ...

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Late Bob Marley’s Most Treasured Car

This year’s Bob Marley’s birthday was marked differently. Amidst concert and milling in and out of crowd, something huge was hid under a wrap. It was a car, an unusual one, but which he would have glad to touch even in life beyond. It was the vehicle he treasured most, when he was alive, Motoring World’s Senior Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER ...

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Safest Mercedes-Benz E-Class Ever

New E-Class currently being flaunted by Weststar Associates Limited, Nigeria’s Authorized General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is not only face-lifted front and back, but also the safest ever, reports ROTIMI ASHER It’s like a silent revolution. Mercedes-Benz is once again emphasising its tradition, a brand that is consistent with quality; a brand you step into, shut your door, drive off and feel ...

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Show Stoppers of 2015 Lagos Motor Fair

This year’s recently concluded Lagos Motor fair held at the Federal palace Hotel, Lagos, experienced a low turn-out. But the likes of Kia Nigeria Limited and Toyota Nigeria Limited made significant presence. Among others, Kia exhibited Kia Soul and, afresh, unveiled its locally-assembled Kia Sorento. Whereas, as reported by Motoring World’s Associate Editor, DOROTHY NEJE, Toyota Nigeria Limited’s exhibition could best be described as ...

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Who’s Afraid of Landrover Discovery Sport?

All-new Discovery Sport has stormed Nigeria with style and aggression. For its rivals, is there any cause for alarm? Motoring World’s editor-in-chief, FEMI OWOEYE, who witnessed its official presentation to the motoring press last Thursday, digs for an answer.. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes to blind us with her beauty. The setting was magical. Coscharis Motors’ termed it ...

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New E-book Titled: I Just Made the Tea

…Tales of 30 Years inside Formula 1 This is the e-book edition of Di Spires’ unusual and revealing Formula 1 memoir. Di and her husband Stu travelled the world in Formula 1 for 30 years, running the team motor-home for a succession of different teams. As well as Formula 1 people, she encountered personalities from every walk of life, from ...

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