How to Confirm if Your Insurance Policy is Genuine

Every genuine auto insurance policy is recorded in the nation’s central insurance industry data base. That is why few hours after registering for a third party insurance, an insured person received a confirmation alert on his or her phone. Shortly before expiration of same policy, a text alert is also received. To confirm whether or not an insurance policy is ...

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List Of Genuine Motor Insurance Companies In Nigeria

  A&G Insurance Plc AIICO Insurance Plc Anchor Insurance Company Limited Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc Cornerstone Insurance Plc Custodian & Allied Insurance Plc Equity Insurance Plc Fin Insurance Company Plc Goldlink Insurance Plc Great Nigeria Insurance Plc Guinea Insurance Plc Industrial and General Insurance Plc KBL Insurance Limited Wapic Insurance Plc International Energy Insurance Plc Investment & Allied Insurance Plc ...

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Infinity: From Power to Superpower

Infiniti Motor Company Limited’s new compact, lightweight 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine is the most advanced V6 engine that the brand has ever offered, writes MATILDA FRANCES Infinity is obviously living up to its brand name. Seemingly showcasing what certain auto industry observers recently described as infinite technological creativity acumen, to have amassed, the company’s new 3.0-litre twin-turbo engine is out ...

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Limited: New BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition

First showcased as the Vision EfficentDynamics concept at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, the production ready BMW i8 has gone from strength to strength with over 5,400 units sold in 2015 alone. With its clever hybrid drivetrain, the i8 boasts an output of 362hp and can also cover close to 22 miles in electric only mode. It also ...

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ALL-New Peugeot Traveler: A Comfortable Luxury

Presented as a world exclusive at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the PEUGEOT Traveller enters the MPV and VIP shuttle sector, reports ROTIMI ASHER The PEUGEOT design provides this segment with the new distinctive features of the brand’s SUV and car range, just as its assertive design exudes strength and elegance. Its new base, adapted from the ‘Efficient Modular Platform ...

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How Automobiles Affect Our Lives

Sometimes when I see the way automobiles zoom around on our streets and jostle one another on broad roads; I imagine a world without automobiles. In truth, many of us can’t even envision a world, where there are no vehicles to take people to their various destinations because of distance, writes ROTIMI ASHER From the days automobile began as cart ...

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New Ford Explorer Storms Sub-Saharan Africa with Innovation, Performance, Fun

The 2016 Ford Explorer is now available in left-hand drive markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing more smart technologies, improved performance and efficiency, as well as greater all-round capabilities to this popular model. As America’s top-selling sports utility vehicle (SUV) for the past 25 years – with more than 7 million sold in the United States alone – the Explorer has ...

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JAC Algeria Light-duty Truck KD Plant Signs Formal Contract

…Warms up to Open Auto Assembly Plant in Nigeria Early this month(January 2016), JAC Algeria light-duty truck KD plant signed a formal agreement. The signing ceremony, which held in Algiers, the capital of Algeria, was attended by JAC General Manager, Mr Xiang Xinchu and the ambassador of China in Algeria, Mr. Yang Guangyu and witnessed by over 30 mainstream media. ...

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