ROTIMI ASHER Jaguar may have been a decade late to the compact- luxury SUV segment, their reluctance over the years is probably because they had wanted to craft something as unique as I saw during the unveiling of Jaguar F-Pace on Thursday 21st July, 2016 at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, courtesy of Coscharis Motors, Nigeria’s representative of ...

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Seven Ways You May Be Ruining Your Car’s Paint without Even Knowing It  

Your daily routine may be damaging your car’s paint work without you even realising it. The innocent everyday happenings, like accidentally spilled fuel, cheeky finger writings or annoying bird droppings, can leave long-lasting stains and scratches on the surface of your car or, even worse, cause corrosion. Here are some of the ways you may be ruining your car’s paint, ...

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Searching For a Model Nigerian Car

As the nation’s auto industry stakeholders limp through auto policy implementation, Motoring World International’s General Editor, EFULA ABBAHDEEN, challenges existing players to collaborate and come up with a true indigenous Nigerian automobile… Following the history of the automotive industry in Nigeria, keen observers of the sector are cold to the fact that up till now there is no single car ...

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Datsun Type 14: Small Car with Big History

It may look similar to other small cars of the 1930s, but the 1935 Datsun Type 14 is an unusual machine with a remarkable history and has just gone on show at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. The Type 14 marked the birth of the Japanese car industry and the company that became Nissan, though the car was never sold ...

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Here Comes Rolls Royce of the Next 100 Years

Rolls Royce of the next century will lay red carpet on the road, whenever its owner is about to alight and might even make cup of tea, for it will be so intelligent that it will perform every task by itself, including driving, writes MATILDA FRANCES Conservatively, Rolls Royce has not built a concept car since the last 112 years, when ...

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Ford Fathers’ Day tips on Responsible Driving to Sustain Environment

Fathers have a great responsibility to ensure they preserve the environment for their children. This Father’s Day, Ford Motor Company, through its forward-thinking approach to environmentally responsible and sustainable manufacturing, offers fathers in Nigeria some good tips relating to sustaining our environment, as well as opportunity to travel around Nigeria in style, in vehicles such as the Ford Fusion, EcoSport, Fiesta ...

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