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How Automobiles Affect Our Lives

Sometimes when I see the way automobiles zoom around on our streets and jostle one another on broad roads; I imagine a world without automobiles. In truth, many of us can’t even envision a world, where there are no vehicles to take people to their various destinations because of distance, writes ROTIMI ASHER From the days automobile began as cart ...

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Market Has Been Tough Since Change of Government – Elizade Motors

One of the few automobile exhibitors at the recently concluded Lagos Automedics Autofest event held at the premises of Lagos Television is Elizade Autoland, showcasing a Chinese popular brand, JAC. The company’s sales Manager, Michael Adeola Adeniyi opened up to Motoring World Correspondent, ROTIMI ASHER, on how the auto marketer has feared since President Buhari assumed office. Excerpts Motoring World: ...

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Mum, Dad Drive Kids Mad On Car Trips – Survey

…Terrible Singing, Nose Picking, Swearing Are Top Gripes Kids are often blamed for being a disruptive influence on car journeys, but according to a new Ford survey, parents are creating just as much tension while on the move. Having to endure parents singing is the number one pet hate for children on family car journeys, a new Ford survey shows. ...

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Jeep on Stage At The “Montreux Jazz Festival”

The Jeep brand is the Global Partner of the 49th edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most important music festivals in the world, which will enliven the Swiss town from 3 to 18 July this year. 250,000 fans are expected for what is considered one of the best festivals, that leverages on an audio-visual archive of over 5,000 ...

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