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Maserati Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the “ELDORADO”

On 29th June 1958, Europe’s first sponsored single-seater racing car took to the track at Monza, with Stirling Moss behind the wheel. Some cars have gone down in history for legendary wins, for the innovations they introduced or for the drivers who piloted them to glory. Others, meanwhile, have become veritable icons for what they represented: a unique story, a turning ...

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Anniversary: Motoring Error that Led to the Killing of General Murtala Mohammed

 …Story as Told by His Orderly, Sergeant Michael Otuwu, the only survivor Exactly 42 years ago, Nigeria’s military head of state, general Murtala Mohammed was assassinated in his official car, Mercedes-Benz 600, now preserved in a Lagos Museum. Eye-witness story about the traffic, motoring, last-minute error and security lapses surrounding the assassination was told by his Orderly, Sergeant Michael Otuwu, ...

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Special Report: Suzuki’s Very First Car

Back in 1954, Suzuki Motor Co, Limited was formed and Michio Suzuki designed and developed his first Automobile together with Son in law Shunzo who headed up the young engineering team, many of whom were in their twenties. Using Suzuki’s ‘Yaramaika’ principal (translated as ‘Let’s do it’) and his determination to drive forward, Shunzo quickly began researching vehicles produced overseas, ...

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Nigerian Auto and Allied Sectors in 2017: The Tears…The Cheers

Nigerian motorists ended the year 2017 with pains inflicted by the handlers of fuel supply in the country. NAIDB, which successfully passed the the National Assembly failed to receive presidential assent till the end of the year. Notwithstanding  the nation’s auto sector, which though sailed through most part of the year in a stormy weather, ended it with flickers of ...

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Book Review: This Day in Automotive History by Brian Corey

During the last four centuries certain key events have influenced the development of the auto industry and the way people get about. This book tells fascinating tales, bringing individual days to life with short stories, photographs and illustrations. From the first self-powered vehicles to modern advances in technology, many topics are covered surrounding the turbulent history of the automobile. The ...

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World’s Largest Toyota Plant at 30

After three decades of groundbreaking, world’s largest Toyota plant situated in Kentucky, United States, proves that age is only a number… It started with an announcement in December 1985. Today it is a bustling operation that employs 8,000 people, sprawls 169 football fields (that’s just the building!) and represents a $6 billion (and growing) investment. When Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda announced Scott County, Ky. ...

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All-new Optima: Epithet of Kia’s history of Innovation

With the release of the fourth generation Optima in April, Kia has continued to revolutionize and advance its line up of luxurious midsize sedans… Looking at the inspiration and groundwork that have shaped the evolution of Kia’s midsize sedan into the dynamic and powerful fourth generation Optima, Kia’s latest Optima, is from all indications, an epithet of the growth and ...

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Lagos Autofest 2015: Happenings Behind the Scene

While the recently held Automedics Autofest event was ongoing Motoring World managed to record certain interesting details that characterised the 7-day event, a reminiscent of news magazine’s slogan, when it debuted decades ago: “Others watch the news, we tell it…” Rival Organizer on Spy Mission Female representative of a rival show organizer was at Autofest. Quite expected, she walked leisurely ...

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