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Set Safer Driving New Year Resolution

Beware the 28% of motorists looking at their phone, not the road, warns Exchange and Mart. Christmas and New Year season is the perfect time for drivers to commit to keeping their eyes firmly focused on the road, not their mobile phone. This is the warning from Exchange and Mart, after 28% of motorists it surveyed admitted to using their ...

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What Motorists Should Do Before the Rain Begins

How a motorist prepares for the rain could determine to what extent he’ll have a happy motoring Arrival of the rain is greeted with drastic changes in the weather and lifestyle. To avoid motoring troubles and pains during the coming deluge, motorists need to check electrics, brakes and tyres. Electrics Vehicles use of electrical energy increases considerably in the rain. ...

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Tips for Safe Driving

There are a number of points to take note of before and during your journey that will help you and your passengers to arrive at your destination safe and sound. The following good driving habits are mostly common sense but some are law. Drive at the appropriate speed for the road type: Keeping to a sensible speed is one of ...

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What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

It does not matter, even a brand new vehicle can break down at any time and at most unexpected location. In city of Lagos, it is common for certain motorists to panic, whenever their vehicles break down along the road, for they  believe Lagos State Traffic Management Authority(LASTMA) would pick up such vehicles. They are more worried, because such an ...

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FRSC Harps on Dangers of Night Trip

Disturbed by the spate of road crash fatalities resulting from night-time travels, the Federal Road Safety Corps has reiterated its warning to the Nigerian motoring public to desist from night trips due to obvious and inherent dangers associated with such trips. Making this declaration, the Corps Public Education Officer, Corps Commander Imoh Etuk highlighted numerous factors which negate night-time travels ...

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Snow Season Motoring Advice

Motorists in countries that are further away from the equator are getting close, if not yet inside snow season. Are you a motorist within a snow-prone region? Well remember that taking proper precautions will guarantee your having snow season motoring without much pain…could even be with pleasure. Following recent yellow warnings of snow forecast across much of United Kingdom, for ...

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