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How to Avoid Engine Oil Change Rip-offs

… Also do Oil Change by Yourself Before you take your car to the neighbourhood Quick-Lube you should know what to expect. There are oil change rip-offs out there you need to know about. There are also a lot of unnecessary up-sells that can be thrown at you during what you thought would be a basic oil change. If you want ...

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Tips That Help You Cut Down On the Fuel Bill

Given the fact that the cost with fuel is increasing constantly, drivers must find various ways of reducing fuel consumption and implicitly reducing the costs associated with it. Of course the new technologies have an important contribution to fuel saving, but it is still the driver the one who can influence the engine’s “appetite” for fuel. Please see below tips ...

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Tyre Safety Tips Keep You On Track

Punctures and tyre-related incidents are the second most common cause of breakdowns according to the AA. Motorists are, therefore advised to use the following tips, because, whenever a motorist embarks on a journey, he or she aspires to arrive safely. Of every part making up a vehicle, tyre should be cared for painstakingly. Do you know why? Whenever you are ...

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Dear Editor, I have a 1991 Toyota Corolla with 247,000 Km on it. It runs quite well and we use it for our 23 year old to learn on. The problem is that the thing burns oil like nobody’s business. We don’t want to do an expensive engine overhaul however, and would like to know what you recommend as an oil additive ...

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Your Tyres And You

Whenever you jump inside your beautiful and valued car, always remember this: Your feet are off the ground. The only link between you and the earth are your vehicle tyres, explains Motoring World’s Editor-in-chief, FEMI OWOEYE To a large extent, therefore, your safety while driving depends on how safe your tyres are. Therefore, you are advised to take note of ...

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Vehicle service intervals: Mistakes That Motorists Make

Instead of following manufacturers’ specification as regards automobile maintenance, many motorists go by their initiatives, doing it too often or too late against manufacturer’s recommendations. On either way, such motorists loose. How? Join FEMI OWOEYE in the clinic.. When about a decade ago,  I visited the Kia’s central workshop at Kia Plaza in Lagos, my curiosity was aroused, when I ...

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It’s My Kickstarter, please help!

AUTO CLINIC Dear Femi, I own a Peugeot 306, which I bought in 2001. For some months now, it has been problem of kick all the time. As the rewire repaired it, the problem keep coming back. Each time I try to start the car, there is no sound whatever, even when the starter switch is repeatedly operated. My auto ...

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