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Question Dear Editor, Before rewires start milking me, kindly gives me a guide. For some days, every time I started my car in the morning, the battery won’t start the car. I’ve been helped to jump-start the car by my neighbour and the car would charge and start throughout the day. But after parking it overnight, the same problem I ...

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How to Avoid Costly Auto Repair

Dear readers, Welcome back to auto Clinic of Motoring World International. A forum, where we discuss ways of making your auto machines last longer, decoding seemingly intractable problems you’ve experienced with your car. Yes, I can hear certain reader asking: “What about the mail I sent months ago?” Well, your Automan went on a short recess, as announced then. The ...

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Dear Editor, My car is a Toyota Camry 2010. For almost two months now, whenever I travel on the highway and get into potholes and bumps, the car shakes and I hear some funny, but annoying noise. I took it to my mechanic, who told me the problem was stabilizer rubber. I paid for a repair. But, when I traveled this last ...

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How to Handle Power Steering Failure

Most auto problems happen gradually. Most power steering failure gives you signs. That is not to say the problem can’t happen suddenly.It can, even if well maintained according to manufacturers’ specifications. Notwithstanding, the safest thing is to listen, monitor and observe signs of possible power steering failure. Warning Indications of Power Steering failure Heaviness in Steering Sign: When all is ...

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