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Automobile Brake Problems, Symptoms and Solutions (Part 1)

Have you ever experienced pressing your brake pedal at a crucial driving moment and it simply went down, touching the vehicle floor? It’s better discussed in writing than experiencing it, believe me. Welcome to another exciting and eye-opening edition of Auto Clinic, served you weekly from Motoring World house, Africa’s total motoring publication.  In connection to the alarming opening, I ...

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Question Dear Editor, Before rewires start milking me, kindly gives me a guide. For some days, every time I started my car in the morning, the battery won’t start the car. I’ve been helped to jump-start the car by my neighbour and the car would charge and start throughout the day. But after parking it overnight, the same problem I ...

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How to Avoid Costly Auto Repair

Dear readers, Welcome back to auto Clinic of Motoring World International. A forum, where we discuss ways of making your auto machines last longer, decoding seemingly intractable problems you’ve experienced with your car. Yes, I can hear certain reader asking: “What about the mail I sent months ago?” Well, your Automan went on a short recess, as announced then. The ...

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Dear Editor, My car is a Toyota Camry 2010. For almost two months now, whenever I travel on the highway and get into potholes and bumps, the car shakes and I hear some funny, but annoying noise. I took it to my mechanic, who told me the problem was stabilizer rubber. I paid for a repair. But, when I traveled this last ...

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