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How to Spot Counterfeit Auto Parts

Since counterfeit auto parts continue to be a problem, the team at GMB North America created this infographic to help protect both customers and retailers from potential safety and financial risks. This chart offers a quick visual aid to help keep inferior aftermarket parts out of a retailer’s inventory, which prevents counterfeit part installation on customer’s vehicles. The graphic features ...

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Brake Warning Light On, While Brake Is Normal

QUESTION Dear Editor, My car is Nissan Pathfinder, which I bought as tokunboh (imported used vehicle) in 2015. Few days ago, I noticed my brake warning light, even after releasing the handbrake. I checked the brake fluid and found out it was levelled and my brake works well. I don’t just want to take it to the mechanic without having ...

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Auto Clinic: How Often Should I Service My Car?

Question Dear Editor, I am a lover Motoring World. It is very unique and I wish more grease to your elbow. Why don’t you have Motoring World in paper form, something we can hold, read and keep? Lots of information you publish are invaluable and will worth being kept in one’s library in paper form. Kindly consider this. Secondly, I ...

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Brake Problems, Symptoms and Solutions (Part2)

As I said last week, any sign of brake failure is not to be taken lightly. This special edition started with my brake failure experience while riding a bicycle. Welcome to another edition of Auto Clinic, courtesy of Motoring World International. As explained last week, most automobile problems, including brakes, gives warning signs, in form of symptoms. You need to ...

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