Advanced AWD Technologies for New Toyota RAV4

Toyota’s all-new RAV4 will introduce two advanced all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems that will distinguish the range with sure-footed cornering performance and grip in all driving conditions. The mechanical AWD system has been updated with Toyota’s first dynamic torque vectoring system that apportions torque between the left and right rear wheels as well as between the front and rear axles. Due in ...

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How motorcycle accidents killed 800 in Tanzania

At least 800 people are killed every year in Tanzania since 2008 in road accidents involving motorcycles, Deputy Minister for Home Affairs Hamad Masauni, told the National Assembly on Wednesday. Masauni told legislators in the capital Dodoma that there were 38,237 accidents involving motorcycles and tricycles from 2008 to Sept. 2018. “Since 2008 to September this year, a total of ...

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Alien Spacecraft Visiting our Solar System?

A scientific paper led by two researchers at Harvard University made a splash this week by claiming that a cigar-shaped rock zooming through our solar system may have been a spacecraft sent by aliens. The researchers noted in a pre-print of the article that it was an “exotic scenario,” but that “Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally ...

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Porsche Enters the Electric Era with New Taycan, Plans to Electrify 50% of its Models by 2025

  Six billion euros in investments, 1,200 new employees for the launch of the Taycan alone, the ongoing development of Porsche Production 4.0 and an unparalleled knowledge campaign rolled out throughout the entire company: in firmly committing to electric mobility, the sports car manufacturer is undergoing a process of major change and once again reaffirming its ability to safeguard its ...

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Volkswagen Develops Traffic Management System

The Volkswagen Group is making further progress in its work with quantum computers. For the first time, Volkswagen experts have succeeded in developing on a quantum computer a traffic management system that will replace forecasts of urban traffic volumes, transport demand and travel times by precise calculations. As a result, public transport organizations, taxi companies and transport service providers will ...

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Prepare For Darkness: Camry, Highlander to Get Nightshade Special Edition

Toyota is preempting the earlier sunset associated with the end of Daylight Savings Time this weekend by turning down the lights on two new Nightshade Special Editions. The 2019 Camry and Highlander will both get Nightshade Special Edition packages that offer sporty styling with black accents, guaranteed to stand out with the sun up or down. The Camry Nightshade Special ...

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JEEP Takes London by Storm with Amazing Activations

An exciting Wrangler driving event and a unique ‘Jurassic Park’ photo opportunity were two crowd-drawing experiences organized by Jeep on London’s famous South Bank at the weekend (3-4 November). In one area of the famous Blackfriars Thames-side towpath the 4×4 brand unveiled its Jeep Experience Tour, which is visiting six European cities, including the capital. There, members of the public ...

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First Rolls-Royce Cullinans Arrives Showrooms

Following a highly successful debut to the world’s media in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has released the United Kingdom’s first Cullinans into the region for patrons of the marque to experience. Eight Cullinans departed the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex, in unison at 1pm on Friday bound for the eight showrooms that represent the brand across ...

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Ford Innovates with “Miracle” Material, for F-150, Mustang, Others

Ford Motor Company has embarked on use of graphene – a two-dimensional nanomaterial – in vehicle parts. In a statement released on Friday, the auto maker announced that, for the first time in automotive, Graphene, a material, which recently generated the enthusiasm and excitement in the automotive industry for paint, polymer and battery applications, will be under the bonnet in ...

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