Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR presents Andy Priaulx

Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR has uncovered the stories of sporting icons and their paths to greatness, revealing what gives them the edge and makes them stand apart.

Andy Priaulx

In a compelling series, the company explores the odds they’ve overcome, the sacrifices they’ve made and the unrivalled strength they possess to perform.

A statement released by the company on Friday reads: “The setbacks can be devastating, the pressure can be paralysing but they are willing to risk it all, to push the boundaries of what is possible when man and machine are in sync.”

Andy Priaulx is a Ford GT driver and three time world touring car champion. In his heart he holds close his family, his wife and their two young children, both born dangerously prematurely.

But pumping through his veins is the adrenalin from the race track. With Ford hoping to repeat its winning performance of 2016 at Le Mans, Castrol EDGE SUPERCAR found out how Andy’s love for his family drives him to achieve greatness on the track and answers the question: “How does he reconcile his two worlds and focus on securing victory in motorsport’s toughest endurance challenge?”


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