Car wash pressure hose damages Tyres -safety group



If a revelation presented by a German safety Group, DECRA, is anything to go by, it means ordinary pressure hoses used at car wash centers across Nigeria and many parts of the world might be contributing  in no small measure to road accidents. 


In a presentation made in London recently, Decra Safety Group claimed that jet washing a car can seriously damage tyres


“Pressurized , soapy water can eat into the rubber,”  revealed the Group’s Chief Researcher, Ardon Raker. “In extreme cases, the damage can be so severe that scars are left on the side of the affected tyres. Even if  the tyre seems to be unharmed, microscopic perforations may still be present, which can weaken the tyre and cause a blow out.”


According to the group, a jet wash’s high pressure and strong soap can remove the protective chemicals from the sidewall, causing it to perish prematurely. The results of this often appear in the form of brown watermarks.


The group advised that motorists should always use normal hose and sponge to clean their wheels and steer clear of strong detergents.

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