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Bulletproof Jaguar Land-Rover Luxury SUVs Unwrapped

JLR Approved luxury vehicle armourer Armormax has just pulled the wraps off two of its latest JLR projects.

They just also happen to be the two vehicles the firm builds more of than any other vehicle – the all-new Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover has been built to a full B6 standard, which uses a combination of lightweight composites, the highest-grade ballistic steel available and 42mm imported ballistic glass.

This means that this luxurious SUV can stand proud against attacks using an AK-47, R5 and R1, comfortable in the knowledge that the occupants will remain safe. It even has blast protection keeping things secure under the vehicle. If that’s not enough, it has a self-sealing fuel tank, a push to talk intercom system and run flat tyre protection. Despite all of the upgrades, it doesn’t lose any of its luxury features or functionality, even the sunroof still works as do the deployable side steps.

The additional weight added to the vehicle is around 700kg, which by B6 armouring standards is incredibly light. It negates the need to upgrade the standard suspension or braking systems, therefore not robbing it of the superb Range Rover driving experience. The cost of the package is pegged at R1 868 000, or R1 928 000 for the long wheelbase version. This particular car was commissioned by a loyal Armormax customer, who has since ordered two more.

The Range Rover Sport is of the B4 variety, meaning it offers protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum. Despite it looking no different to a standard vehicle, all the original glass has been replaced with custom-fitted ballistic glass with a thickness of 21mm all round. All doors, panels, pillars, the roof and any other exposed area has been armoured with a lightweight ballistic composite providing an impenetrable barrier between occupants and would-be attackers. Just as with the B6 Range Rover, functionality and luxury have not been compromised. It’s still a Range Rover, now just a very safe one. The B4 package also includes a push to talk intercom system and run flat tyre protection.

The B4 adds just shy of 200kg at the scales which translates into negligible differences in dynamic performance. In comparative tests on this B4 Range Rover and a standard vehicle, Armormax says the variations are less than 10%. The retail price of the full B4 package has the full endorsement of JLR South Africa, thus the warranty and maintenance plans are left intact.

In both instances Armormax will warrant the armour and workmanship for three years.

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